I want to make sure that you have the best massage experience possible so I have put together some information to help us move in that direction. if you are just looking for a great massage and do not want to think too much about it, just come on in, I promise you that you  are going to get one of the best massages you have ever had.

If you are looking to have the one of the best massage experiences of your entire life, then read on.

New Client Intake Form
You can download my Client Intake Form and fill it out before your appointment if you want to. It will save some time when you get here and give you the ability to think more about your answers and what you want to focus on during your massage. It is also a good idea for existing clients who may not have been in for a while or who have experienced some changes with their body, etc, to fill out a new form.

Client Bathroom and Shower
I provide a very nice, private bathroom with a shower for all of my clients. Sometimes clients feel that is an imposition of some sort to take a nice hot shower, or even soak in some epsom salts after their massage, I want to assure you that it is not an imposition at all.  In fact, I consider it a privilege to be able to provide a sanctuary sort of experience for you. The more that you can relax and getaway for your normal, the better. Also, I try to leave plenty of time between my appointments so clients can linger and enjoy the after glow of their massage. So no hurries.

Room Temperature
I normally keep my table warm and my room even warmer, however, I have a few clients who prefer a less warm room or who enjoy the breeze of an open door or window. I am just as eager to find their comfort zone as I am to find the upper limits of my hot yoga massage clients. The point being is that everything I do in my practice is designed for my client’s ultimate comfort and enjoyment. So please let me know what your preferences are.

..sometimes actualy hot.