what is the best water-solulable oil out there? Cost effective would be nice too…

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Oil is not water-soluble. Period. Ask a chemist about this.

If you are looking for how to get oil out of sheets, that’s a different story.

Oil is only dissolved by another molecule that is similar but smaller. Notice that soap is traditionally made of some kind of fat+lye or that there are detergents made of coconut oil. The related, smaller molecule helps to dissolve the oil.

I talked to two chemists years ago about getting oil out of sheets. Basically, the advice was launder them promptly to avoid getting yellow stains over time, use a good detergent, and use very hot water. Consumer Reports rates Tide with Bleach the best detergent and has for over 20 years.

Vinegar does nothing to cut oil. You can see this for yourself every time you shake a bottle of vinegar and oil dressing. If vinegar dissolved oil, they wouldn’t separate back out. Bleach does nothing for oil.

BTW, liquid fabric softener may make your sheets slightly more oil resistant. It deposits a find wax coating on the fabric. Snuggle and Downy are the two most effective, according to Consumer Reports.

I use organic jojoba, which in not an oil but acts like one when doing massage. What’s more it has a long shelf life, is the next best thing to our own sebum and washes out of the sheet without leaving stains or going rancid. I also throw a cup of baking soda in the wash with my regular liquid no-scent laundry detergent. A little jojoba goes a long way and I’m pretty dang happy with it.

I had many sets of sheets that I was about to throw out because they had such a rancid oil smell. I only used them if I ran out of the newer ones. I decided to try soaking them in the wash with a large amount of Oxyclean and that seemed to get the bad smell out. Now I do that with them once in a while and it always freshens them up. I do two sets of sheets at a time, put the washer on soak with about 1/2 cup of Oxyclean. Then after they soak, I wash as I normally do. It saved me from having to throw them out.