Acu-Masseur on Touch Factor Massage

 From The Company: Company Information: The ultimate tool for self massage of the neck and shoulders. Specifically targets trigger and pressure points. Easily adjusts to fit different body types. This handy massager bends so you can get at those hard-to-reach places on your back, shoulders and neck. It has two round massaging knobs that can be adjusted according to the area you are trying to treat. Use the strap to help move the massager where you want it. Also good for calves, waist and other places you build tension.

My Thoughts: This one is a complete hit or miss for most people. The knobs can be adjusted and the long arms are great levers so you can generate a lot of pressure. Most of my clients that have loved this tool have used it for relieving tension in the back of the neck and for helping with headaches.  Amazon has a great return policy, so try it out if you are looking for either of these solutions 🙂