One of the things that I am trying to do in my practice is to completely design each massage to fit the individual desires and needs of each client. To that end, I always like to ask my clients at least one post massage question that could help ┬áme create an even better massage experience for that client. I used to ask several, but I think that some clients found that daunting, and I really do not want to “daunt” my clients!

Was there anything that you especially enjoyed that you want to make sure that I include and maybe even do more of in future sessions?

Was there anything that you did not especially enjoy that you would have me skip on future sessions?

Is there anything that we did not do that you are interested in trying on a future session?

Do you feel like any of the work was too thorough or deep? A good indicator of this is if you are hyper-sensitive in a specific area right after the massage and/or if you are still experiencing significant soreness in any muscle or area on the third day after your massage.

Was the room and table temperature 100% perfect or can I adjust it at all to make you more comfortable?

Was the draping 100% perfect for your massage or would you like to make any changes to it in order to feel more comfortable and/or get a more thorough massage? Like making it more modest or less restricting, etc.

Anything else that you think would help me give you the best massage possible.