There is a lot in here so print this off and read it over a couple of times. Use it is a check list and highlight or check off the items once you have packed them etc. In then end, as long as you show up you are going to have a great time so if this is too much information….well you know what to do 🙂

Pre-Retreat Questions
Make sure you have answered the Pre-Retreat Questions so that I can design the best retreat experience possible for everybody. Carpooling: One of the issues to figure out is if any of you want to carpool, so make sure and answer that question. It helps if we carpool as parking is limited at the property.

Address and Directions: 1633 Summit Lake Shore Rd. NW., Olympia, WA 98502
Our retreat is approximately 80 miles from Seattle and the normal driving time is about an hour and a half. However, on Fridays it can take quite a bit longer, so please plan accordingly. If you are coming from Seattle, the heaviest traffic is usually in Fife, and then around the Fort Lewis base. Carpooling makes this nice because you can use the HOV lane and get to know each other on the way there. Be careful when you get to Summit Lake Shore Rd. NW, there are lots of deer in the area.

Arrival Time
You can arrive any time after 5:00 PM on Friday evening to get settled in. I like to get things started by 7:00 PM with some drinks, light fare and some socializing in front of the fireplace, but everything is flexible. Once everyone is ready, I will do a demonstration of many of the wonderful techniques that we are going to be practicing throughout the weekend.

Departure Time
We will be done around noon on Sunday.

WiFi and Phones
There is Wi-Fi at the house in case you need it. Cell phone coverage is not that great out there, however there is a landline. The phone number is (360) 878-8362. Feel free to give that to anyone that might need to get a hold of you in case of emergencies etc.

What To Bring For Your Feet
Socks, slippers or comfy house shoes. The main floor is all hardwoods and the owners prefer that we do not wear our street shoes in the house.

What To Bring For Your Massage and Bodywork
Bring a couple sets of sheets, a blanket, your favorite lotions or oils, Pillows/bolsters (especially good if you can bring a full body pillow for side lying massage), A yoga mat (or equivalent). If you run really cold you may even want to bring a table warmer, etc.

A note on lotions/oils. In addition to the normal oil or lotions that are used in most modalities, you will want to use something that provides considerably more friction (less glide) for some of the work. I will bring some Prelim Therapeutic Massage Balm (which is not as organic as I would like) as well as some samples of Bon Vital PT Pro Massage Salve along with some of my own mixtures to show you the possibilities that different types of emollients can provide you. If you have any cool lotions/oils/balms etc. that you would like to use or share with the group, please bring them!

You will be doing a lot of stretching of yourselves and each other so please bring loose clothes to work in (think yoga here) as well as to be worked on in (shorts, a bikini, sports bra, etc. based on your need for modesty) .

What To Bring For Sleeping
There are blankets and pillows at the house and I will be bringing some extras as well, but it never hurts to have one or two of your own just in case. I would definitely bring an extra pillow or two.

What To Bring For Food, Snacks, Beverages
Make sure to bring some snacks and energy food that you like as well as anything that you need for your personal dietary restrictions or preferences. I will be bringing fruit and snacks and I encourage each of you to bring something that you know you like to snack on as well. There is plenty of refrigerator and freezer space and a large kitchen. I will be bringing some wine, and if you are a wine drinker it would be great if you would bring a couple of bottles of whatever you love. If you have a favorite tea or other beverage that you like to relax and socialize with, please bring that as well. There is a Keurig there (K-Cups), a drip coffee maker, a french press and an espresso machine.

The Menu
I will finalize the menu shortly and post it here based on the responses from the pre-retreat questions. Please remember that if you have specific dietary requirements you may need to bring your food with you. Here is a typical menu for the weekend:

Friday Night: Cheese, Crackers, Wine and Hot Drinks
Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, Bagels and Cream Cheese, Steel Cut Oatmeal, Fruit, Yogurt, Orange Juice
Saturday Lunch: Soup and Sandwiches
Saturday Dinner: Gluten free pesto pasta with or without chicken.
Saturday Night: Cheese, Crackers, Wine and Hot Drinks
Sunday Breakfast: Eggs, Bagels and Cream Cheese, Steel Cut Oatmeal, Fruit, Yogurt, Orange Juice

Check back for changes and more information prior to the retreat.

I can’t wait to see you!

Joe Lavin
(206) 817-5896