Approved Provider Logo final pathsI am a NCBTMB approved provider of Continuing Education for licensed massage therapists and practitioners. My goal is to create workshops and classes that truly inform, challenge and inspire massage therapists to move beyond their current therapeutic skill sets and understandings. I also want to help develop, and participate in, a community that is continually evolving as therapists, healers and artists and that desires to be able to fully express that evolution through their massage and bodywork.

I keep my class pricing as affordable as possible (usually $18.75 per CE Hour or less) and I offer a free class with every three classes that you attend. However, if you want to attend one of my classes but just cannot afford it, please let me know and I will find a way to get you in that works for both of us (make payments, discounted price, trade a massage or just come for free as my guest). Whatever it takes, because your career and personal growth is too important to let a price tag get in the way. Check out my Pay What You Can Options.

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Classes and Workshops Currently Offered:

Demystifying Breast Massage Class
Now that full chest and breast massage is specifically covered in our practice act we can finally start to integrate more of it into our education, conversation and bodywork. The goals of this class are to 1) demystify and normalize Full Chest and/or Breast Massage, 2) understand why Full Chest and breast massage is so important, and 3) to practice some wonderful Full Chest and Breast Massage Techniques. This course is decidedly subjective and highly interactive, so come prepared for a lively discourse and to be challenged on many levels. Read More…

Four Handed Deep Lomi Massage
Learn how to flow seamlessly with another therapist. How to work in synchronized harmony with another therapist as you work together, as one, to give your client one of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking massage experiences possible. This is a required class if you want to be listed on the Four Handed Massage Practitioner Register next year. Read More…

Thai-Lomi Fusion
Get ready to be amazed and to be amazing! In this class you will learn how to seamlessly combine two of the most profound, therapeutic and relaxing bodywork modalities around, Thai Massage and my Deep Lomi Massage. You will learn how to give the most profound, deep, therapeutic and satisfying massage you have ever given, while using less effort and enjoying your work more than ever! Thai-Deep Lomi Fusion allows you to be infinitely creative and expressive with your massage while producing significant therapeutic results for your clients – all with less energy, effort and wear on your body. Read More….

The Awesome Sauce Series – Short (4-Hour) Workshops on how to be Truly Amazing!
Now that I have your attention…..This series is all about being awesome and giving the most amazing massage possible! Each four-hour workshop in this series focuses on the most profound, unforgettable and completely yummy techniques for a different part of the body, massage style or a specific situation. These are the techniques that will make your massage as unique, wonderful and enjoyable as possible…and that keep clients coming back again and again! Not only that, these techniques are so effective and feel so good that your clients will want to tell their friends about you and hopefully even leave an amazing review for you online! Read More…

Body Mechanics Mastery Series
The Body Mechanics Mastery Series is a series of workshops that are designed to go far beyond just helping you understand how to work effectively, not injure yourself and lengthen your massage career. The Body Mechanics Mastery Series is designed to help you master every bio-mechanical principal of your massage. To help you develop an effortless and highly effective style of bodywork that you can apply to any style of massage and client need. It is about so effectively mastering the fundamentals of your massage practice that you are free to create and explore and become the best possible massage practitioner that you can be. Read More…

Deep Lomi Massage Mastery Series
Learn how to give the most relaxing, deep, therapeutic and satisfying massage you have ever given, while using less effort and enjoying your work more than ever! Deep Lomi Massage combines the concepts of the long flowing connective work of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with myofascial release and neuromuscular stretching techniques; allowing you to be infinitely creative and expressive with your massage while producing significant therapeutic results for your clients – all with less energy, effort and wear on your body. Read More…

Developing an Extraordinary Quality of Touch
We are first and foremost touchers, maybe even the last true touching profession, so we should have both and incredible sense-of-touch as well as a very high quality-of-touch. In this course you will focus on further developing a truly extraordinary sense-of-touch as well as a quality-of-touch that is completely unique to you as an individual and as a practitioner. You will learn how the body and nervous system experience different types of touch and you will learn several different deep-touch and soft-touch techniques that will elevate your massage to an entire new level. Read More…

Thai Massage Stretching for the Table and Beyond Series
Learn how to integrate the most profound and dynamic aspects of Thai Massage stretching into your personal massage practice and style. In this series you will learn how to incorporate the best Thai Massage Stretching and Compression Techniques into your floor work, table massage and even your chair massage. You will also learn the basics of Thai Yoga Massage. These techniques will allow you to offer your clients an amazing number of powerful new treatment possibilities with less physical effort by you and with less wear and tear on your body. You will also learn how to use these techniques to market your massage practice in a completely new, dynamic and exciting way. Read More…

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