Why This Class?
As with most of the Awesome Sauce/World Class Technique Classes, the aspects of this class that are the most unique are the many different strategies that I will show you for getting into, over and around the muscles and connective tissue that you want to work and/or affect. As you already know, the hips (anterior and posterior) and lower back are strong, weight-bearing, complex and mobile structures, so therefore it’s helpful to communicate with them in a deep (weight-bearing), specific, multi-dimensional and motion-oriented manner.

Client Positioning Strategies
Placing your clients body in the most optimal position to receive your work as well as to give you the best access to the muscles and connective tissue that you want to work on is one of the most important steps in doing world class bodywork. It is also a key component in making sure that you are using safe and effective body mechanics for yourself. I will show you many different ways that you can position your clients body for optimal and effective work and how you can use bolsters to amplify the advantages of these techniques. Some of the positioning strategies taught in this class are for clients with limited ranges of motion and/or special circumstances like prenatal work. Other strategies are for situations where you want to really challenge your client, as in the case of professional athletes or CrossFit warriors.

Dynamic Motion-Oriented Massage and Stretching Techniques
Static massage, working on muscles while your client lays in a relatively fixed position is only moderately effective and it can seem dull, tedious, and repetitious to your client. You will learn how to effortlessly move your clients body at the same time that you are massaging them in order to perform much more therapeutic and engaging work. You will also learn several Thai Massage based table-stretching techniques that will make your work significantly more profound and effective. This type of work challenges your clients on many different levels, engages them more directly in the work and significantly increases their perception of your skills as a massage therapist.

Multi-Dimensional Bodywork Techniques
The body has at least four sides, as does every extremity and they all need to be worked on. In this class you will learn several techniques for working three-dimensionally with the muscles of the hip and low back. Sometimes working on the same muscles from different directions and other times working in two separate areas or on two different muscles at the same time for complimentary affects. You will learn oppositional techniques including leveraged and/or transitional pin-and-stretch techniques.

The Client Experience
The combination of deep compressions, multi-dimensional bodywork, strategic client positioning and dynamic stretching techniques will allow you to offer your clients the most engaging, satisfying and therapeutically effective massage they have ever experienced. It will also set you apart in their heart and mind. Just like any artist, athlete or professional service provider….as a massage practitioner, you have to do things that will set you apart from your peers in order to be remembered. In order to stand out in a crowd (or a crowded marketplace). The bottom line is that this work is beautiful, dynamic, effective and very memorable. It will help you distinguish yourself from other therapists because there are just not that many therapists who know how to do it well, and even less who can integrate the techniques seamlessly with their “regular” massage work.

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