Come and explore human anatomy in some very creative and unique ways. We will be painting the bones, muscles and major connective tissue directly on the human body and discussing how this gives you a completely different idea on what is actually going on under your client’s skin. We will do some clay modeling of muscles and play with some skeletons, balloons and elastic bands to get an idea of some of the unique and different actions some of the more misunderstood muscles. Lastly, we will play a riveting game of Pin the Muscle on your Partner. This is an extremely fun, interactive and informative course that you will quite literally never forget!

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No Art Skills Needed!
You do not need any artistic skills for this class. We will start with some very basic outlines of some of the trickier anatomical structures and areas to challenge our understand of how they actually work and the best way to to treat them. We will be drawing each layer and then covering that with the next layer so you can visualize what you are actually working on and we will be drawing the connective tissues and fascia (fascial lines, etc.).

Like these pictures from Athletes Treating Athletes (


We will also be using a tracing projector for our drawings and just so that we can look at our bodies through the “eyes” of Grays Anatomy kind of like Diana Eastman did with PhotoShop and see how our realities (and accordingly, our client’s realities) stack up to the textbooks, etc.


Models and Artists
I will have a couple of models that I hope to outline some great anatomy on the day before so that we can do a little more complex work as well. To that end, if you are (or you know) an artist and you would like to help with this course or if you are interested in being a model (human canvas) for this course, please contact Joe Lavin at (206) 817-5896 or Also, if you have any anatomically correct tattoos that we could build off of, we would love to borrow you for a couple of hours and send you home with some not-so-permanent enhancements.

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Enjoy some of these interesting attempts to explain anatomy using visually creative techniques. (no endorsements intended, I just find these interesting 🙂

Dr. Kathy Dooley of (working with Immaculate Dissection)

This is really advanced, so don’t get your hopes up soon, but one day…. From Danny Quirk