We are first and foremost touchers, maybe even the last true touching profession, so we should have both an incredible sense-of-touch as well as a very high quality-of-touch. In this course you will focus on further developing a truly extraordinary sense-of-touch as well as a quality-of-touch that is completely unique to you as an individual and as a practitioner. You will learn how the body and nervous system experience different types of touch and you will learn several different deep-touch and soft-touch techniques that will elevate your massage to an entire new level.

In teaching this course I have found that we (massage practitioners) are not automatically great touchers, especially when we are asked to evaluate and understand our quality of touch by itself. That is our touch, stripped away from any techniques or modalities. Touch without any intentionally applied energy or even palpatory concerns. So my goal is to start over and master the most basic, primal touch possible and then bring that touch awareness back into each of our practices so that we can touch our clients in completely new ways.

The entire day will be interactive and hands-on. There will probably be some awkward moments and you might even need to take a timeout or two, but you will leave with some radical new ideas and a completely new understanding of the power of your touch.

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