Four-Handed Deep Lomi Massage
Learn how to flow seamlessly with another therapist. How to work in synchronized harmony with another therapist as you work together, as one, to give your client one of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking massage experiences possible.

There is nothing even close to losing yourself to the relaxing and nurturing care of a Four Handed Deep Lomi Massage. It is all the lavish attention and continuous flow of a Deep Lomi Massage, but with two therapists instead of just one.

We begin with a lightly choreographed introduction and then follow our client’s responses into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. As we follow our client’s bodily responses we are not just attuning to muscle tone and the physical tightness that is discernible by touch, we are also “listening” and responding to the more subtle signals given off by our client’s nervous system. We will take turns leading and following each other; at times we will separate and each focus on a separate area as we feel led in order to induce a deeper relaxation or use more specialized individual techniques. Each massage is a unique creation specifically for this client. This is more of an intuitive approach rather than a choreographed approach. So sometimes we are in perfect harmony and then other times we might both be working on a different area or at a different depth…but harmony, always harmony.

Description of This Course
In this course you will learn how to flow seamlessly with another therapist and give a Four Handed Deep Lomi Massage. You will learn how to respond intuitively to your client and to the other therapist you are working with to give your client one of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking massage experiences possible. You will also learn some dynamic therapeutic techniques that are so much better/easier when done with two therapists as well as some that can only be done with two therapists.

We will be utilizing all of the Deep Lomi principles and techniques that will empower you to give the most relaxing, deep, therapeutic and satisfying massage you have ever given, while using less effort and enjoying your work more than ever.

We will also be focusing on developing a deeper understanding of intuitive bodywork and increasing your capacity for it. You will learn specific techniques on how to deepen your bodywork intuition, how to evaluate it and how to respond it. Specifically, intuitive four handed massage work adds so many layers and complexities to the intuitive process that is a great playground to develop or hone your bodywork intuition.

This course is highly interactive, and the majority of time will be focused on actual practice of the techniques and principles taught during the lecture and demonstration portions.

PS – I will be promoting Four-Handed Massage through an online Four-Handed Massage Therapist Registry next year where potential clients can find you and book a four handed massage directly with you. You will be able to to team up with other therapists on the directory to offer this exceptional massage! This class is required to be listed on the registry.

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