My Thai Massage Resources
My Floor Based Thai Massage Demo Videos: Here are some videos of a Floor-Based Thai Stretching Session that I did with one of my vocational massage students. I have broken it up into small sequences so that you can choose the ones that might interest you most.

My Thai Massage 101 Workbook: This is my workbook for my Table Thai Massage/Stretching class.

My Favorite Thai Practitioners

Itzhak Helman
Itzhak’s Website |

Kam Thye Chow
Kam’s Website |  Kam’s School (Lotus Palm)Kam’s YouTube Channel | Lotus Palm YouTube Channel


Video:Kam Thye Chow Great Basic Thai Massage Routine by Kam | Video: Thai Chair Massage 1 | Video: Thai Chair Massage 2


Here are three great manuals that are loaded with pictures from Itzhak Helman, you can find them on his course description page or download them with the links below:
Itzhak Helman – Beginner Thai Massage Manual
Itzhak Helman – Advanced Thai Massage Manual
Itzhak Helman – Advanced Thai & Stretches Manual

Beautiful Thai Massage Demonstration Videos (By Others): A playlist of some of the more beautiful and elegant Floor Based Thai Massage videos that I found on YouTube.

Thai Chair Massage

Thai Chair Massage Videos: If you want to do really great chair massage, incorporate some of the principles and stretches that you see in these videos. I promise you that your clients all will be amazed and your body will love you for it as well!