Get ready to be amazed and to be amazing! In this class you will learn how to seamlessly combine two of the most profound, therapeutic and relaxing bodywork modalities around, Thai Massage and Deep Lomi Massage. You will learn how to give the most profound, deep, therapeutic and satisfying massage you have ever given, while using less effort and enjoying your work more than ever!

Thai-Deep Lomi Fusion allows you to be infinitely creative and expressive with your massage while producing significant therapeutic results for your clients – all with less energy, effort and wear on your body. Thai-Deep Lomi Fusion is a beautiful integration of two amazing styles of bodywork:

Deep Lomi
Deep Lomi is generally much slower, deeper and intentionally inquisitive than similar styles of massage, encouraging the client’s body to move beyond its usual limits. Anticipation is replaced with acceptance. Muscle guarding is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated. Deep Lomi Massage has several profound effects on the neuromuscular system: decreasing muscle tension and spasm, increasing range of motion in the joints, and breaking tightly held neuro-physical and neuro-emotional patterns.

Table Thai Massage and Stretching
Thai Massage Stretches and Compression techniques are extremely effective therapeutically and your clients will absolutely love how these techniques make them feel. The combined use of joint mobilizations, deep compressions and stretching techniques will immediately transform your massage. Your bodywork will be exponentially deeper, more therapeutically effective and altogether amazing while at the same time reducing the amount of stress that you put on your body.

The bottom line is that this work is beautiful, dynamic, effective and very memorable. It will help you distinguish yourself from other therapists because there are only a select few who know how to do either one well, and far less who can integrate the techniques seamlessly with their “regular” massage work…and then there are the truly gifted (or at least passionate and very well practiced) who can truly flow with this work. That is what I want to show you how to do…

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