One of my favorite environments for teaching continuing education courses is at my weekend retreats that I hold at Thomas Ridge at Summit Lake. We spend the entire weekend immersing ourselves in an engaging subject, earn 16 continuing education credits, enjoy some great good food and even greater company. When we leave on Sunday, we have all learned and practiced some great new techniques and made some fun new friends as well.

Upcoming Retreats
February 26-28, 2016: Thai Massage for the Table and Beyond Weekend Retreat
April 15-17, 2016: Deep Lomi Massage Weekend Retreat

View From The Deck

Summit Lake Massage Therapist Retreat with Joe Lavin Lake View 725x259

The Weekend Course Advantage
The most obvious thing is having more time and being in a great environment to soak up the information. I love being able to spend some down time with each other after the class is over to socialize, network and continue the conversation. I am always available for some questions and you are surrounded by other massage therapists that are processing the same information that you are. Peers sharing with peers the secrets of their very sacred trades…

Kitchen, Dining and FireplaceSummit Lake Massage Therapist Retreat with Joe Lavin Dining 725x285

The Schedule
The doors officially open up on Friday at 5:00 PM so people can get settled into their rooms and have some time to socialize and enjoy some light snacks. Then at 7:00 PM we all come together for the first training session. After that we enjoy some refreshments by the fire place and retire when you are ready. Then we have three training sessions on Saturday along with some great meals, social time and even some optional yoga or partner Thai stretching. On Sunday we have one more training session and then we had back into our respective worlds.

Summit Lake Massage Therapist Retreat with Joe Lavin Master Bedroom 725x290

Thomas Ridge at Summit Lake
I hold the retreats at a beautiful and spacious 5+ Bedroom lake front property on Summit Lake (about 20 minutes west of Olympia). Huge decks, a private dock, fireplaces, outdoor fire pit, and plenty of room for our massage tables or mats. Thomas Ridge has a beautiful kitchen and open eating area as well as plenty of relaxing living and lounging areas. There is also a very large room downstairs with plenty of room for any type of group learning.

We Clear Out The Furniture, Turn On The Woodstove, And This is Our ClassroomSummit Lake Massage Therapist Retreat with Joe Lavin Downstairs 725x249

The cost for the entire weekend is just $395. That includes the continuing education, lodging and meals*. Participants should plan on bringing sheets, lotions, etc. for personal use as well as any special needs foods that they might need. Of course, you are welcome to bring any extra treats that you want to share with the group (snacks, teas and coffees, wine, etc.).

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If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me:

Joe Lavin, LMP, CEIM, CPT
Cell: (206) 817-5896

*A note about meals and beverages. We massage therapists can have some very individual preferences and needs when it comes to our meals. I try to make meals that are hearty, scrumptious and will delight most palates. If you have special needs or preferences, please bring what you need to the retreat. There are two large refrigerators and plenty of kitchen space for cooking! You can also bring along some wine to enjoy and/or share with others at meals or by the fire. Before the retreat I will send an email to each participant to get your preferences and introduce everyone to each other so we can make the final meal plans. etc.