I love working with compassionate people who are doing all that they can to care for others.

As a health care provider myself, I realize that caring so much for others can often create cycles of pain and suffering in our own lives. Even worse, caring too much for others without authentic, ongoing self-care practices can have serious, long term negative consequences.

Accepting the presence of compassion fatigue in your life only serves to validate the fact that you are a deeply caring individual. Somewhere along your healing path, the truth will present itself: You don’t have to make a choice. It is possible to practice healthy, ongoing self-care while successfully continuing to care for others.¹

It is so important to take care of yourself while you are taking care of others, and before you begin to experience any of the symptoms associated with compassion fatigue. My goal is provide a space where you, the caregiver, can be completely cared for.  A space where you can receive an incredible Nurturing Touch Massage and completely check out or where you can receive massage and process anything that you want, any way that you want. Emotions (positive or negative), energetic issues, frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness, depletion, vulnerability….. All the while knowing that you are safe, cared for and respected.

My compassion fatigue work is rooted in Nurturing Touch Massage and Emotional Healing Work and focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It is a much deeper level of touch. Slower, more patient, more intuitive and with more intentional communication that you are important, safe and deserve to really relax. It is not as much about changing you or anything about you, but about letting you express what needs to be expressed and receive what needs to be received. It is about reviving your soul, your passion and your energy levels so you can continue to care for others effectively.

Compassion Fatigue Resources
Side note: I do not approach this work from the clinical definition or the stress disorder diagnosis and work backwards from there. I do not assume that everyone experiencing compassion fatigue is doing so in the same way, at the same level, with the same consequences or that you have to work in a certain field to feel its effects. Simply put, I just feel like anyone who cares a lot about something or someone can forget that they need to take care of themselves before they can truly take care of others and I would like to help here where I can.

That being said the resources below may be helpful if you are trying to understand the clinical dimensions of Compassion Fatigue but they may be overkill if you just need to take some time to rest and re-energize.

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project ¹