I am constantly involved in learning and growing as a massage practitioner.  I take continuing education courses whenever I can fit them in and I work one-on-one with other talented therapists through trades and private workshops to advance my understanding and the quality of my bodywork.  In addition, I host quarterly retreats for bodyworkers, lead several massage workshops for LMP’s, massage school students and couples every month…all of which makes me focus even more on my own skills.

Northwest School of Massage 2005 & 2008
I attended the Northwest School of Massage in 2005 and then went back in 2008 to get some more education. I loved the massage school experience so much that I went back to teach there in 2012.

Continuing Education Courses (Past Couple of Years)
Apr 2012 – Intentional Ethics (4 Hours)
Apr 2012 – Heartspire Lomi (3 Hours)
May 2012 – Table Thai (16 Hours)
Nov 2012 – Auth Method of Therapeutic Massage (20 Hours)
Dec 2012 – Unraveling the Mystery of Knee Pain: Medial & Lateral Coronary Ligament Sprains
Dec 2012 – Beyond Good Posture: The Shoulder
Dec 2012 – Fibromyalgia & the Invisible Diseases: Fibromyalgia & the Nervous System
Feb 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Back (4.5 Hours)
Feb 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Arms (4.5 Hours)
Mar 2013 – Hydrotherapy Principles, Physiology and Immersions (7 Hours)
Mar 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Iliopsoas, Diaphragm & QL (4.5 Hours)
Mar 2013 – Massage Research (4 Hours)
Apr 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs and Hips (8 Hours)
Apr 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Chest, Side-Lying Shoulders & Back (8 Hours)
May 2013 – Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Posterior, Lateral & Anterior Neck (7.5 Hours)
Aug 2013 – Infant Massage Educator Training from International Association of Infant Massage (28 Hours)
Oct 2013 – Abdominal Palpation and Treatment – Fascial Architecture (6 Hours)
Oct 2013 – Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage (14 Hours)
Oct 2013 – Thai Table Massage and Integration (14 Hours)
Nov 2013 – Breema: The Art of Being Present (6 Hours)
Feb 2014  – Understanding the Somatic Nervous System (6 Hours)
May 2014  – Bastyr University Cadaver Anatomy Lab (6 Hours)
Jul 2014  – Wholeness in Body Mechanics – Developing Quality of Touch (4 Hours)
Aug 2014 – Massage Cupping with Jason Abbey, LMP (16 Hours)
Sep 2014 – Auth Method of Forearm Massage (20 Hours)
Sep 2014 – Thai Massage Stretching for the Table 101 – Foundation and Integrations (8 Hours)
Sep 2014 – Deep Lomi 101: Embracing The Flow (8 Hours)
Oct 2014 – Body Mechanics Mastery Overview (4 Hours)
Feb 2015 – Sacred Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Level 1 and 2 (12 Hours)
May 2015 – Wholeness in Body Mechanics – Developing Quality of Touch (8 Hours)
May 2015 – Highlights of Thai Massage with Kay Rynerson (4 Hours)
Jul 2015 – Esalen Massage: The Way of Connection with Dean Marson (4 Hours)
Jan 2016 – Tax Strategies for LMP’s (4 Hours)
Feb 2016 – Phenomenal Touch Massage Practitioner Certification (200 Hours)
Nov 2016 – Finances and Taxes for Massage Therapists (1 Hour)

Courses and Workshops That I Teach
The Couples Massage Workshop:
A three hour workshop for couples to learn how to give each other a world class relaxation massage. Over 1,400 Couples have attended my workshop in the last two years. .

Infant Massage Workshop: As a certified Educator of Infant Massage I lead workshops with parents and health care providers to help them learn infant massage skills and incorporate them into their parenting or health care practices.

Thai Massage (Public, Vocational): I teach Thai Massage Workshops to Professional Massage Therapists and Thai Partner Stretching Workshops to the general public.

Business and Marketing for Massage Therapists: I teach this workshop for massage school students and for professional massage therapists.