I am looking to open a couple of very unique massage practices around Seattle with some really great massage therapists (who are also amazing human beings). Then I want to expand our work out into the world in very monetizeable and impactful ways. If you are not comfortable with creating a massive vision for your massage, then you will definitely not be comfortable here.

I want to change how a massage business is run and how massage therapists are paid/valued. I want to change the public’s opinion of what a really good massage is and of what it can be. So if you are comfortable with the status quo, you will not be comfortable here.

I want to do absolutely amazing massage and bodywork and I want to work with people that feel the same way that I do. I want to constantly create new ways to work with my clients and help them realize their full potential on my massage table. I want my massage to be received as much as an art form as it is a healing practice.  If that doesn’t warm you up somewhere deep in your belly, then again, you probably would not be comfortable joining this amazing tribe of truly world-class healers.


If you are comfortable with creating a massive vision for your massage. If you are fed up with the way our industry is devaluing both therapists and the clients. And if you have the desire to do absolutely amazing massage and bodywork…we should talk!


Most of you reading this page should know me and/or my bodywork pretty well. You have probably either been on my table or in one of my classes. Taking that into account, if you know someone that wants do something unique and wonderful with their massage…please introduce us.

Thanks for taking the time,

Joe Lavin
(206) 817-5896

PS – I am opening the first practice in Fremont in August and then I will be opening a practice up a little north, down a little south and on the east side. I am creating a different business with a new name, website and branding.

My goal is to pay $50 per hour for in clinic work and $75 per hour for mobile work and always value your time and talent! That is not a promise yet, just a goal (except for the part about always valuing your time and talent!). I am working with a Human Resources firm to create the pay structure right now and should have it done within the next week or so.

I am extremely difficult to reach by phone right now, so make sure and follow any voice mails up with a text or email.