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There you sit, trapped in a rolling steel cage on a gridlocked freeway with a lone Cheerio dangling from your chin. In front of you, drivers are texting and crashing into each other. The woman in the car next to yours paints her nails while eating a piece of toast.

Over on the shoulder of the freeway a policeman has pulled someone over, which is strange because no one is going more than 4 mph. That must mean the driver is a criminal. You make eye contact.

Lock the doors. Lock the doors. Lock the doors.

You flip around your radio dial, and your choices are a public radio report about the unfortunate demise of Nordic folk fiddling or “Zeke, Goatbutt and the Morning Zoo Crew.”

Then your left arm goes numb for a second, and you think it’s a heart attack, but then you remember that your left arm has been in the same position for 20 minutes and realize it has only has fallen asleep. You calmly move your tongue around, searching for the taste of copper.

“My commute,” you think, “is killing me.” And you might be right.

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Jul 7, 2013 | | By Joe Donatelli |Photo Credit iStock