KneadingFingersI love this machine! The Kneading Fingers by Clark™ has two powerful and unrelenting rotating “thumbs” that deliver incredible pressure to the areas that you need it the most. I have had my 2000 (the older model) for over 10 years and I have used it heavily…it is still going strong.

The new model sells for around $220 on the Manufacturer’s Website, which is much more than I paid for mine way back when.  They do have a “no-risk 90 day money back guarantee” though. You can also stop by my massage practice and check it out for yourself before you make the decision to buy it. Of course, you can also find it on Amazon as well as some reviews.

You can find the old model on Ebay sometimes for a decent price ($50 to $70 shipping included) but make sure it is a Clark Kneading Fingers 2000 because there are a lot of knock-offs, and I have never seen one with even remotely close quality. Also make sure the seller has a high rating.

Just remember that too much of a wonderful thing can actually be bad. I have used this so much in the past that I bruised my back pretty severely, so proceed with caution and temperance.


Joe Lavin LMP, CPT