This month I want to talk about staying and relaxing after your massage. How long should you linger after your massage? How long can you? This is a question that is going to be influenced by a myriad of factors both on the clients’ side and therapists’ side. I want to keep this relatively simple (for now at least), so I am just going to cover my preferences and general policies.

My Preferences
My preferences for this are based heavily upon my personal view of the massage and bodywork experience that I would want to receive and also want to provide. I am able to act on my preferences because of my personal situation. I have created a very relaxing and comfortable massage space in my home, so my overhead is low and my time commitment is more manageable. I do not have a boss or a corporately mandated practice/profitability standard. So, I am free to create the experience that I want whereas many other therapists are not. This does not mean that they do not want to be more creative, they just have constraints. So I would be graceful (i.e. full of grace) when having this conversation with your therapist.

Even though I am a pretty good “mechanic” and a lot of my clients come to me for specific physical results, I really do not want any client to ever feel rushed on my table. Especially my relaxation and stress reduction focused clients. To that end. I always try to leave at least an hour between appointments so clients can relax on the table, shower or even take an Epsom Salt bath…whatever they want to do that helps them linger in the post-massage-bliss.

I have had a significant number of clients that finally decided to spend some more time “lingering” after their massage that have had profound relaxation responses and similar neuro-emotional experiences. So if you are looking for a deeper relaxation experience try lingering for a while. Ask me for some ideas on how to make the most of your massage and the time after your massage.

My General Policies
I want you to linger if that will make your massage experience better and for most of you I think it will! I usually have to tell clients several times before they believe me. However, once they get used to the savoring the afterglow I have to give them an eviction notice to get them off my table (actually it is usually just a gentle nudge, but it is fun to embellish things every now and then).

I do not charge for lingering, it truly is free.

I try to leave an hour between appointments, but sometimes I will book a session 30 minutes after the last appointment if I am trying to get someone in. If you like to linger, let me know and I will make sure that you have time.

Sometimes I will have several hours between appointments or you may be the last appointment of the day. Let me know if there is a certain time that you want to be out the door and I will give you a gentle reminder as that time approaches. Otherwise, I tend to just leave you alone. If you do not see me when you come downstairs, you can just leave whatever you need to on the table downstairs and head back into the world.

Other Therapists
If you are going to a different massage therapist ask your therapist or the receptionist if you can have an extra 15 or 30 minutes to relax after your massage. I would resist paying more for that time, but if it is a busy clinic or spa they could be forgoing income by not turning the room right away. So paying a little extra would be fair, and for some of you very, very worth it.

If you are looking for a new therapist, this is definitely one of the questions that I would ask during your search. In addition to carefully reading their reviews for key words like relaxing, not rushed, etc.

If you are a therapist and think that there is no way that this would work in your current situation, but you wish it could. I have some great ideas on how this can work in even the busiest or most rigid situations. Email or call me and let’s talk about how it could work for you. Email: