I want to get a logo designed for an upscale massage practice. Exclusive, creative and amazing! Opening August 1, 2017. I want the logo to be unique (identifiable), elegant and sophisticated. I will be using the logo for web, print and branding our pictures. The company website (that is still under development) is: www.massagereimagined.com

In terms of possible ideas or preferences, I have  Pinterest boards for a Logo Ideas as well as a Business Card Ideas.


Business Cards That I Like

zen_chic_massage_therapist_business_card-r03955251f175434cba747d3a8708174c_xwjey_8byvr_512 TherapeuticMassageBC_Ins.jpg  630×720 Massage_Business_Card_by_mesmerizeme luxury-wedding-invitation-2 Floral Pattern Damask Elegant Modern Classy Retro Business Card   Zazzle black-letterpress-business-cards-1 91a3a41ab0de4d8aea2c4bcb3f7a2012