Treat Yourself to the Best Massage in the World!

The base technique for all of my bodywork is a Lomi style that I developed and call Deep Lomi. It is my favorite form of massage to use and it is, by far, the most well received bodywork by my clients. In my Deep Lomi sessions I use my hands, forearms, elbows, triceps and even my shoulders to facilitate extremely long strokes that integrate the entire body and do not force me to work on specific areas in isolation of others. Although founded in traditional Lomi styles, my Deep Lomi is much slower and much deeper than most of them. That being said, I would like to express my much deserved honor of and recognition to the traditional Lomi Lomi practitioners around the world who inspired me to develop Deep Lomi.

The draping for Lomi Lomi massage is much less modest than the draping that most conventional western massage therapists are using. This is because a Lomi practitioner works with all of the body at the same time, not just specific areas in isolation. For example; when you are on your stomach the back, sides of the glutes and the legs will be uncovered so the therapist can work all of them together.

For my Deep Lomi I have two basic types of draping that you can choose from (and then 100 ways to modify them to make sure you are comfortable). The basic differences are that the Traditional Draping uses a weighted towel to cover the tush-cleavage from your waist to the table while you are on your stomach and the modified draping uses a traditional massage sheet that is folded down to your waist and then folded in to uncover the outside of the glutes and legs. The draping is similar while you are on your side or back with the addition of a soft towel for covering the female client’s chest.

In either case all Lomi work is always best when the client does not wear any undergarments so the practitioner can work from the neck to the ankles in one long stroke. Honestly, almost all massage work is better when the client’s do not wear under garments if they are comfortable with that. If you want to wear undergarments just to try the work,  I recommend wearing a tight fitting bathing suit so it will stay in place while the work is being done.

In all cases it is the client’s comfort that is most important, so I can adjust the draping to each client’s individual comfort level. For example, much of the work can simply be done uncovered with a bathing suit on.

Hot Lomi Massage
You can take your Deep Lomi experience to an even more amazing level by combining my Deep Lomi with my Hot Massage. This is the ultimate relaxation experience and it can be some of the deepest and most comprehensive bodywork that you will ever have!