There are lots of little things that you can do to make a massage experience more therapeutic, relaxing or just more all around awesome! Here are a couple that I find my clients like the most. There is no extra financial charge for these, they can just be included with your normal massage if you want. Just remember that we have to make time for them so you might lose a little time normally spent on your neck or low back….of course you can always add more time to your massage as well.

Posture Analysis and Flexibility Testing
I provide a complete posture analysis for all of my clients at no charge and send you a full written report along with images which you can keep for future reference and comparison.  I also provide complete Functional Flexibility Assessments, pre and post massage, and update those several times per year to track your progress. These are both great tools to let you know how your body is dealing with the demands that you are putting on it and to get a long term picture of the results.

For Those of you Familiar With Cupping: I primarily use Baguanfa Soft Silicone Cups for my cupping and incorporate the cupping directly into my Deep Lomi Massage style so it is a very different experience than what most people are used to in terms of cupping therapy. For example, I rarely leave cups in one place for very long, as most of you are probably used to. Instead, I move the cups right along with my massage strokes until I find troubled areas where I can focus my cupping therapy.

For those of you not familiar with cupping: The Baguanfa Soft Silicone Cupping incorporated into your massage is a great way to experience a moderate form of cupping to see if you like it or if it works for you, before scheduling a fire cupping session with an acupuncturist or other alternative health care practitioner. Read More About Cupping…

Hot Eucalyptus Foot Wrap
If you like your feet worked on, you are going to love this. I make one of the most penetrating foot rubs that you can find (in Warm, Hot and Really Hot formulations ). I will massage your feet and lower legs with the foot rub, then wrap your feet in a hot, wet towel. Massage them some more while they are soaking up the heat, moisture and foot rub, and then take the towels off and do some really nice finishing work. You will feel this for hours after you leave…

Thai Stretching Work
Thai Stretching is one of the most powerful and effective ways to lengthen tight muscles and loosen up tight joints. Some people call it passive yoga because the therapist does all of the work while you relax and enjoy the stretches It can be done on a floor mat before or after your massage. It can also be done while you are on the table. If you would like to work some Thai Stretching into your massage please let me know.

There are other things we can do to enhance your massage experience, so please ask or let me know if you have any ideas or special requests.