First of all this will be different experiences for different people depending on who you are, how you identify, the shape and size of your body, the amount of work needed in and around the chest as well as your physical, neural and emotional state during each session. Not every full chest massage is a therapeutic breast massage and not every therapeutic breast massage is a full chest massage. I will cover more of that and the different types of full chest and/or breast massage on the “How Page“.

Therapeutic Breast Massage Protocol
For this page I am going to focus on a therapeutic protocol developed by Aubrey Lesicki BS, LMT and how I integrate that into my massage when requested, and only when requested (I will never touch your breast tissue unless specifically asked to do so). It is a self-massage protocol known as the PHAST method and you can learn more about it directly from Aubrey on her website.

In order to be therapeutically effective when performing a therapeutic breast massage and still have the work be experienced as an integrated part of an overall amazing, relaxing and non-invasive massage experience, I have worked each of the therapeutic PHAST techniques into my Deep Lomi Flow.

The components involve manipulating the client’s arm (like a water pump) while gently compressing in and around the armpit area in order to open the lymph pathways. Pressing the breast directly into the chest wall in order to help move the deep lymph fluid between the breast and the chest wall muscles. Using my hands or forearms lightly around the perimeter of the breast in order to stimulate the top layer of skin and nerves of the breast. Lifting and sliding the entire breast from side to side or up and down in order to reduce adhesions between the breast tissue in the muscle. Rotating the entire breast in opposite directions in order to break up adhesions in the glandular tissue.

Clothing/Sheet/Bare Skin: This can be done over clothing or through a sheet or towel. I prefer to work directly over the skin as long as the client is relaxed and comfortable with me doing so. Plus this allows me to do some very nice integrative work between the stomach, chest, shoulders and neck.

Aerola/Nipples: The work can include work done over the aerola and/or nipples or I can specifically avoid them (to the extent that I can identify them through clothing, etc.). Some clients choose to where nipple covers for modesty or sensitivity reasons, especially for the first appointments.

Me or You: I can work on your breasts or you can work on your breasts during your massage with as much instruction or help from me as you want.

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