My first answer to why is because the chest and the breasts are part of your body. I offer a full-body, Deep Lomi massage. I do not like neglecting any part of the body, with the exception of the hopefully obvious. I work as deeply and generously as my client’s bodies allow in their armpits, groin, toes, stomachs and chest. Places that many therapists avoid for many reasons (this is a whole other conversation). It has never felt natural to me to do a some-parts-only, but definitely-not-those-parts massage. It feels incongruous to say that massage is healthy and wonderful for the back and biceps but not for a deep groin muscle, lower abdomen or the smaller pectoral muscles. So I work on, in and around the adductors, stomach and chest quite frequently, as long as my client wants this work.

In addition, it feels amazing to have your stomach, rib cage and chest worked on without worrying about incidental or even purposeful contact with breast tissue. In my massage and bodywork sessions, I integrate my full chest and breast work with the rest of the massage and make it just as amazing, yummy and effective as everything else. I also do this as much as possible in my massage sessions that are focused on breast health…because why not do amazing work all of the time? Many clients describe the  more inclusive work as “freeing” or “totally complete” other clients are able to get relief that they did not know that they could.

It is healthy and necessary! If you have any questions about the health benefits of breast massage, you can learn more about the Health Benefits Here. You can also research online, consult your competent health care provider or talk with any of your friends that have breasts or used to have breasts (this is not a scare tactic, just a reminder that your personal breast health can be very, very important). For more information on Self Care for your breasts, please look at Aubrey Lesicki’s website and to find a qualified massage therapist or breast care specialist in your area, please look at this page. If you are a massage therapist please consider getting qualified under the new licensing requirements for full chest and/or breast massage so you can bring this wonderful and important experience to your clients.

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