Well fall has definitely arrived and winter is on its way! The good news is that the heat is on in my massage room, I have a really awesome new shower head in my client bathroom and my Deep Lomi Massage is slower and more relaxing then ever! However, I am getting busier so you may need a little more advance time when booking your appointments. As always you can check my online schedule and email or call me with a time that works for you:

The Benefits of Heat

OK, let me start by saying that the most noticeable benefit to keeping my massage room very warm is the relaxation response that my clients experience. Even when they first enter the room, they often take in that cleansing breath and comment on how nice the room feels. At some point after the massage begins, the majority of my clients give in to the warm, or even sometimes hot environment and their bodies surrender to the work that is being done. Many times it is a distinct and very noticeable moment and the results are also just as distinct and noticeable.  Their breathing slows down and gets much deeper, their muscles loosen up and the tension that they are holding in many areas melts away, they let me move their arms and legs without trying to maintain control over them…and so many other things that just let me know that the heat is a very important component of the massage experience that I want to provide.

Other benefits of different heat therapies and immersion include: Increased blood flow; Detoxification of the cells, muscles and organs; Increased cardiovascular activity; Improved function of the endothelial cells lining the arteries; Heat also has an analgesic, or pain relieving, effect. I will try to post an article with some research references about this in the future.

Hot Spots

Here are some places that you can go to heat yourself up and relax in the greater Seattle area; many of them have wonderful massage therapists and services as well. Some people think I should not send out information about other therapists, but I really am more than happy to let you know what is out there and not for entirely unselfish reasons. There are plenty of people who do not want to come to Magnolia to get a massage and I am always looking for great therapists to recommend to people who ask…and I really enjoy a great massage myself. So if you do try one of these places out, or get a great massage from someone, please let me know all about it!

Men and Women

Banya 5 by Seattle Center is one of the most known and best equipped hydrotherapy facilities in the area. They have a 200 degree authentic Russian sauna, a Turkish steam room and complete hydrotherapy circuit. They also have a great spa with a complete line of services. I have not received any bodywork there but I have heard great things from the spa director, whom I have a great deal of respect for. Banya 5 is a little pricy at $40 a visit but there is a lunch time special rate of $25 and packages available as well.   www.banya5.com | Yelp Page

The Gated Sanctuary near Snohomish is a full service spa, sanctuary and retreat located on 6.5 very private acres. They have my favorite steam room in the area due to the fact that you have a little personal control over the heat and a wonderful overhead shower. They also have a complete outdoor hydrotherapy circuit, walking paths and many other amenities. I won’t even talk about the wonders of authentic Japanese Bidets (you need to experience this first hand). The sanctuary is clothing optional, so check your modesty at the door and experience something new…

PS – I get massage from Frederick, he has over 25 years of experience as massage practitioner and gives a truly wonderful massage.  www.thegatedsanctuary.com | Yelp Page

Downtown Banya in Everett is not affiliated with Banya 5 in any way and does not have near the reputation of excellence that Banya 5 enjoys. I have not been there, so I can not give you any personal insight. I am just including it here for informational purposes. If any of you have any experience with Downtown Banya, please let me know. www.downtownbanya.comYelp Page

Yuan Spa in Bellevue, I have not been here yet but it is my next stop because I have heard great things about the spa. I believe the hydrotherapy circuit is $39 and includes access to a Cedar Sauna Room, Eucalpytus Steam Room, Salt Scrub Bar, Hot Bathing Pool, Cool Sea Salt Bathing Pool, Heated Loungers, Relaxation Lounge and Aromatic Shower Facilities. There are also Private Soaking Tubs available and full spa services. www.yuanspa.com  |  Yuan Spa Yelp Reviews

Ladies Only

Yes the ladies seem to have a definite advantage in selection when it comes to places to soak and relax! Obviously I do not have a lot of first-hand experience to share with you on these, you can look at their Yelp reviews to get a better idea about them if you are interested.

Olympus Spa in Lynnwood (and Tacoma). My wife loves this place, nearly women that I know that has gone there loves this place. I used to have a severe case of bathroom envy when I was a member at the Columbia Tower Club (If you know, you know…) but that has given way to a much more serious case of spa envy these days.  www.olympusspa.com  |  Olympus Spa Yelp Reviews

Hothouse Spa and Sauna in Capitol Hill is a clothing optional spa, sauna, hot tub and massage refuge for women only that is very affordable at only $15 a visit. www.hothousespa.com  | Hothouse Yelp Reviews

Ladywell Spa in Greenwood where $36 (or $25 before 2:00 PM on some days) will get you complete access to Stainless steel whirlpools (hot and tepid), Cold plunge and waterfall, Dry Cedar Sauna, Herbal Steam Room, Pink Himalayan Salt Sauna and a Relaxation and stretching lounge. Again, no personal experience, but that is not from a lack of trying! www.ladywellspa.com  |  Ladywell Spa Yelp Reviews

If I missed any good places, please let me know and I will update my list.

In closing, I hope that you are all doing well, staying as healthy and relaxed as possible and most definitely keeping warm!

Joe Lavin LMP, CEIM, CPT
Email: Joe@TouchFactorMassage.com
Cell: (206) 817-5896