Saturday, April 11th at 12:00 PM to Monday at 12:00 PM
Let’s spend a weekend celebrating your graduation, talking about how to get your career started and practicing some really, really awesome bodywork! 

I will give you everything that I can to get you off to a rock solid start. We will play with some truly elegant massage techniques that you can use to set yourself apart from other therapists as well as practice some advanced Thai Massage skills for the floor and the table. As well as anything else that you want to practice.

I will also show you how to build a successful and personally satisfying massage practice right out of the gate, whether you are planning to work for yourself or for somebody else. We will go over your resumes, what to expect when looking for jobs/opportunitiues, how to negotiate, marketing techniques (that really work) business cards, flyers, social media, website ideas and more.

Just $150 (plus helping with one fantastic meal) for students and teachers for the whole weekend (food, lodging, fun and learning)!

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