Here are some resources that I discussed in class or that you might otherwise find useful while you are in school (as well as when you are out). I will add more resources, so check back often.

Thai Massage Resources
Here is a link to a couple of books that you can download.

Thai Massage Demos – These are some really beautiful Thai Massage videos that can give you an idea of how elegant and flowing the style can be.

My Thai Stretching Demo Videos –  Here are some videos of a Thai Stretching Session that I did with one of my vocational massage students. I have broken it up into small sequences so that you can choose the ones that might interest you most.

Local Continuing Education Resources, Providers and Classes
Therapeutic Training Center – Robin has put together a great group of continuing education teachers and courses, I highly recommend just about every course she promotes.

Pacific Northwest School of Massage – this is Brian Utting’s continuing Education program. Brian is one of the therapists and teachers that I respect the most. I also highly recommend attending his annual retreat at Breitenbush.

FindTouch CE Board – keeps a thorough list of continuing education opportunities on it’s website.

Bastyr University Continuing Education Program – Bastyr has some courses that can really broaden your palate. My favorite course there so far is that Basic Cadaver Anatomy.

Audio Resources
Here is a link to some audio files that I made when I was going through school. They are a little rough, but I found them useful when I was trying to “memorize” my A&P and Kiniseiolgy. You can make your own recordings as well, if you do and you are willing to share, send me the audio file and I will post it here. Also, if you find any other good audio sources, let me know and I will post a link to then as well.

If you are buying an audio program and they offer it in CD form, get that instead of the digital file. You can do more things with it and you can share it with your other students. In fact, you could go in with each other on a couple of audios or videos and share them, etc.

Always check out Half Price Books, Ebay and even Craigslist (or search Craigslist regionally or nationally on a site like SearchTempest)

Video Resources
Check out the Alumni Area of my Couple’s Massage Workshop website for some videos that I think are pretty good.  If you are asked for a password it is: Alumni2011