Hi everyone,
Here is an update for the fall. I would like to get you something every month, but I really do not like filling up your email box unless I have something that I think is valuable enough to pass on but still short enough not to be considered a novel. Recently I was treated to a wonderful experience by a soon to graduate massage school student, Jeannie Price, and I definitely think it is worth sharing with you.
Physician, Heal The Self!
Or in this case, Client heal thy self. Because there is only so much that I or any other healthcare provider can do to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Not that I want to compare any of you directly to Humpty Dumpty, however many of you do seem to fall off of your proverbial “walls” every now and then. So you have got to do some things to take care of yourself, especially if you are actively trying to wear yourself out!
So in this newsletter I am going to focus on some of the tools that can help you take care of your body physically (sore muscles, achy back, etc.) and then in one of the next newsletters I will give you some other great ideas on how you can take of your body, mind and soul.
My Wonderful Experience
It is called Yamuna Body Rolling and you can read all about it here: www.yamunabodyrolling.com/ or you can contact….
What I want to say about Yamuna (some of you might know this as small ball rolling) is that Jeannie was able to show me some very effective techniques to use on myself so that I can work, very deeply, on places like my psoaz, adductors, lower back and neck. I loved it and I definitely felt it after she was done. So I am getting some of the Yamuna balls for myself and for my massage practice. I think they are going to help me find some tight spots on some of you.
Other Self Care Recommendations and Tools
Here are some other “tools” that I have used to take care of my body over the years and that I frequently recommend to clients. Some are pretty basic and some are a little more “industrial grade”. Feel free to ask me about any of them or even stop by my massage practice sometime if you want to try one of them out.
You can see the whole list along with pictures, some videos and more detailed information by going to this page on my website: http://bit.ly/1dJ1e8M
Acu-Masseur: A great tool for self-massage of the neck and shoulders.
ArmAid Self Care Massage Tool: Serious relief for overworked forearms.
Davinci Tool: Trigger point activator for the neck and also great for the arch of the foot. This one is pretty aggressive though, so come by and check out mine if you want before you purchase.
Foot Rubz: Wonderful little therapy balls for the feet. Throw them under your desk or in your travel bags.
Kneading Fingers 2000: The next best thing to a massage therapist for getting really deep work on your neck, shoulders and back. One of my absolute personal favorites!
R8 Roller: Heavy duty self care for the quads and hamstrings. You have to check this one out.
Thumbby: My favorite non-motorized self care tool for the upper back.
TheraBand Foot Roller: Another way to work on those precious feet.
Tiger Tails: Nice muscle rollers for your self or to use on someone else
Please Share
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Have a great October!
Joe Lavin LMP, CPT