I love to get feedback and reviews from my clients. It helps me to refine my massage skills and helps others to see how my massage is received by my clients. You can submit your review on YelpGoogle+, Facebook or any review site that you use.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your wonderful reviews. You tell a story that is so hard for me to tell on my own and your reviews have helped me build a very strong massage practice.

Joe Lavin

Here are all of my online reviews combined on one page for your convenience. I highlighted some of the comments that I think best represent the work that I do, the experience I am trying to create or that were just plain awesome.  There are over 70 of them, all 5-Stars with two 4-Stars mixed in to keep me humble and striving!

Flo P. on Yelp – 7/13/2017 – 5 Stars
Warning – once you work with Joe you will never work with another massage therapist… I used to run a spa in NYC, and have had over 30 LMP’s work on me so I’m pretty hard to impress. He has melded so many different modalities and come up with his own signature style. I signed up for his Deep Lomi class after my first treatment to learn some of his secrets and asked him to be my massage mentor. He is also an amazing person, kind, compassionate and generous. I have some serious pain issues and he’s worked on me outside of his normal schedule to give me relief. I only schedule 90 minute sessions because he’s so good that an hour will only leave you wanting more. You will not be disappointed, trust me..he is the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with!

Roya H. on Yelp – 3/27/2016 – 5 Stars
Joe is seriously unreal. He is the best massage therapist I have come across in years. He is so creative when it comes to massage, but also an excellent communicator and teacher. 10 stars for Joe! If you don’t check him out, you’ll highly regret it!

Malaika A. on Yelp – 3/18/2017 – 5 Stars
My massage was truly transformational.
Joe combined a variety of techniques that addressed all the areas that needed attention. His strokes are very intentional, as well as his energy. I also appreciated the incorporation of breath work during the session. The treatment room is an escape in itself. The massage table was so soft yet supportive at the same time. The room gives the feel of being transported to your own private oasis. I left feeling rejuvenated and more balanced. I highly recommend Joe. Thank you for bringing my mind, body and spirit back in harmony!

Heather B. on Yelp – 2/5/2017 – 5 Stars
My husband and I traveled from Vancouver, Canada to have a private couples massage lesson. Joe was a perfect teacher by creating a beneficial balance between demonstration, giving us verbal instructions and mentoring our efforts. He also balanced a more therapeutic technique and relaxing techniques. Joe’s method also showed us how to use the body more thereby conserving the strength of the masseur. Thank you Joe for making my Christmas present for my husband such a joyous treat!

Kim M. on Yelp – 1/25/2017 – 5 Stars
The Massage was deep and very good.
Although it was at his home and not an office, he is very professional and very experienced in different methods of massage. If you aren’t satisfied with the chain Massage locations near you, it’s worth seeing for yourself if this is the Massage you’ve been looking for. I gave 4 stars because I prefer an office or commercial building setting.

Julie L. on Yelp – 12/12/2016 – 5 Stars
Joe is THE BEST. He does deep, highly personalized, and intuitive work
, and each of the five times I’ve seen him has been the best massage of my life (!). He’s an extraordinary healer who I plan to continue seeing as often as I possibly can.

Jenna Anderson on Google – 11/30/2016 – 5 Stars
Joe is my New Favorite! I’m a Massage Therapist and I have a hard time finding Therapists that are able to give me a deep enough Massage. Joe was not only able to go deep enough he kept it Relaxing as well. The massage room temperature was perfect ( I usually get cold while I get massages) The lighting in the room was nice and dark as all Massage rooms should be. This guy really knows his stuff. I traveled 40 Minutes into Seattle to give him a try and I will continue the longer commute for his QUALITY of work. Thanks Joe I will be rebooking another appointment soon for sure. Finally I found MY new Massage Therapist!!

Jessica Cortez on Google – 10/26/2016 – 5 Stars
I’m a massage practitioner myself, and I appreciate the massages that Joe does. Best massage I’ve ever had, hands down.

Krys M. on Yelp – 10/19/2016 – 5 Stars
I tend to be a little hard to please when it comes to getting massage. I feel like most therapists are just “going through the motions” and counting down the time until they are done. I really think that Joe’s new client forms ask the right questions (be honest!), so he can make sure he is in tune with what will please each individual. Massage should never be a “one size fits all”. After getting massages regularly for decades, I can really say this was the best massage I have had EVER! So worth the time and the money.

Megan Dannenberg on Google – 8/29/2016 – 5 Stars
I have taken multiple classes with Joe and have found them to be consistently inspiring and full of new techniques and ideas. Taking a class with Joe allows you to explore, play, and glean techniques from this expert who has his own, very unique style of massage. I always walk away refreshed and motivated to challenge myself and enhance my client’s experience in our bodywork sessions. If you’re looking to learn something new and have a blast while doing it, Joe is the teacher you’re looking for!

Kinsey G. on Yelp – 7/13/2016 – 5 Stars
Joe was incredible. I’ve had a lot of different massage therapy and body work done in the past, but nothing like the work that Joe performed. I’ve had chronic shoulder and neck pain for the past 6 years and he was able to make progress on this pain in just one session – incredible! Aside from his massage therapy work, his demeanor, care, and customization is unmatched. You can tell that he really cares about your health and well-being. A refreshing experience compared to other massage therapy clinics. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, effective, and renewing massage experience, go to Joe!

Tori K. on Yelp – 6/20/2016 – 5 Stars
I went to Touch Factor Massage because I was looking to relieve a deep shoulder knot and to simply find a therapist that was strong and not afraid to go deep. I used Yelp to search for the the best deep massage therapists and Yelp was definitely right! Joe’s business is also like the hip, AirBnB for massage therapists. His location is in a cozy home rather than a commercial building and the space was just uniquely personalized. Even though I live on the Peninsula, I hope to go again soon. Would recommend any day and is easily the best massage I’ve ever had. If I could still make Christmas lists, a massage here would be right at the top of that list.

E.N. on Yelp – 6/15/2016 – 5 Stars
I’m the pickiest of pickiest when it comes to finding a massage therapist. Having grown up in SE Asia, I was fortunate to receive all kinds of massages growing up. Joe is the real deal. I think that his open communication is what can really help you receive the best massage for YOU. I feel comfortable telling him what kind of pressure I enjoy, what parts of my body need work or when something doesn’t feel good. I have several injuries that I need to be careful with and he is always great at working around them. I also love that he is willing to answer any questions I have on how to prevent tightness and injuries. The lemon water, the option to shower after and his ability to make the room/table temperature exaaaactly how you want it – are all awesome bonuses. I’ll be back for sure!

Reid J. on Yelp – 6/8/2016 – 5 Stars
Joe is great. When selecting somebody for massage therapy you want somebody knowledgeable but more importantly somebody who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Joe accomplishes all of these things. A true professional you can really tell. Joe loves what he does and it shows in his amazing work. I can’t recommend him enough.

Jeff R.on Yelp – 5/17/2016 – 5 Stars
What an amazing experience. It’s really an experience not just a massage. Joe gives it his all. He creates a very comfortable, relaxing and warm environment. Best massage I’ve ever had. I’m a very loyal customer now.

Anna Snead on Google – 3/4/2016 – 5 Stars
Each time I visit the experience outshines the last time. I cannot recommend Joe enough.

Donald C. on Yelp – 1/23/2016 – 5 Stars
Best Massage I Have Received in Seattle
! As a deep tissue sports therapist myself, I am probably the most finicky client a therapist can get on their table. I get regular massage (usually 3 to 4 monthly). Most massages I receive run from “good” and then work their way down to “ridiculous.” But to say Joe’s massage was great just doesn’t seem adequate. Joe is better than great. He delivered a deep pressure that was absolutely perfect. There is absolute no doubt, none whatsoever, that I will be booking more regular massages with Joe. Nothing short of amazing.

Caroline K. on Yelp – 1/4/2016 – 5 Stars
First time massage with Joe… Just fabulous!!! Was in urgent need of a massage. Joe called me straight back and was able to see me over a weekend. Walked in with pain in my shoulder, neck and back…he was great, targeted the area and now I am sleeping like a baby!! Regular check ins with me during the hour, professional, knows his stuff, made me feel very comfortable and was a true gent! Highly recommended… And I am for sure going back. Thanks Joe!

Trish Y. on Yelp – 9/26/2015 – 5 Stars
Clearly Joe is one of the most experienced, talented massage therapists out there. If you have unique situations like I do, (joint replacement, neck fusion) don’t take the chance of being injured by an inexperienced therapist. Joe knows what he is doing, and takes the time to explain everything he does. And I love the ‘massage sippy cup’ at the end, when you are a bowl of jello and are not coordinated enough to hold a glass to your lips! I’ll be back, Joe!

Julie B. on Yelp – 8/7/2015 – 5 Stars
First time in years that I went to bed without neck pain.  All that after just one massage. I look forward to our next session. Thank you Joe.

Christine S. on Yelp – 7/21/2015 – 5 Stars
Joe is truly an awesome massage therapist. He’s wonderful at communicating, listening and getting info and feedback from you, in order to personalize your session to fit your needs and preferences. He’s very approachable, respectful, kind, and non-intimidating. His bodywork is very intentional and focused, and also super relaxing and therapeutic. I felt so much more at ease and happy in my body after the session. From start to finish, you feel very listened to and important – Which you are!

I’m a massage therapist myself, and I very confidently recommend him. One of the best massage therapists I’ve had the pleasure to work with (and by “work” I mean receiving bodywork- which is extremely beneficial and enjoyable work!). Don’t be afraid, and don’t think about it too much- Just sign up for a session with Joe, and see what positive changes good bodywork can do for you!

T C. on  Yelp – 7/20/2015 – 5 Stars
Joe understands and relates deeply to the structures he explores in his treatment. He is so into it. I see that in his workshops and in the one massage session I could schedule–so far. In my time on his table, I could feel a creative spirit which allowed me–body and soul–to open up. The rigidity that has crept into me softened. I felt the flood of energy and blood reaching into tissue that has been progressively tightening. That tightening threatens a person’s freedom in every way. It seems Joe knows this, and is ecstatic that he can do the good that he does. That’s how it appears, that’s what comes through him.

He rearranged his space to accommodate me, and wasted no time finding a way into the tangle of my neck and back. He fine-tuned his movement to my breathing and tension level, checking verbally at times, and had no problem with my very definite minute to minute wishes. But really it wasn’t necessary to say much–he is fully present–anticipating and reading what the body is saying. This massage is a conversation–not a passive reception of energy. Along with the intensity of the work my body demands, there was an element of emotional kindness and reassurance in his hands. It’s an important component for a therapist to keep in the work, and it often gets lost. Anyway, Joe knows the territory, has the skill, and is free to be spontaneous. Such a relief. When I left, I knew I had to find a quiet place to stay with the energy in my renewed, flowing system, and let the pulse go deeper. It happened so easily. His work is powerful and it is a surprising gift to find.

One T. on Yelp – 7/7/2015 – 5 Stars
Great massage. Deep tissue. Friendly, laid back, knowledgeable, makes you feel very comfortable. Late night appointments available. Coming back for sure.

Renee T. on Yelp – 6/25/2015 – 5 Stars
I went to see Joe when I started experiencing Sciatica during pregnancy. First of all, the space is amazing! It’s beautiful, clean, and comfortable. And the massage! Wow. He was incredibly effective, and although I was about 8 months pregnant, I was totally comfortable the whole time. My Sciatica was much better afterwards, and Joe offered to show my partner how to massage the area in the future.

Kay Y. on Yelp – 6/21/2015 – 5 Stars
Joe’s massage practice is unparalleled. This was by far the best massage I have ever received. His attention to customizing the experience to the client’s needs and comfort is remarkable. He is a great communicator and checks in to make sure that all the clients needs are being met. I went as a treat to myself and find that I am wanting to make his practice part of my regular self care. I carry my tension deeply in my upper back and shoulders and he was able to address my pain issues thoroughly and I left feeling energized and relieved of pain. He is strong but intuitive and skilled about how to use that strength in his massage practice. I am sometimes, in circumstances like this, a bit self-conscious as a woman of size, and I was made to feel completely at ease and cared for.

Kristin L. on Google – 6/19/2015 – 5 Stars
Joe is truly talented. He is super focused and works to give you the most unique and tailored experience depending on your specific needs and preferences. He is thoughtful and so completely considerate in his full approach, making you feel comfortable the whole time…I’ve never had an experience quite like this and would recommend him to anyone! Not only is it a great experience when you’re there, but it was a massage that sticks with you for so much longer than I’ve experienced ever before (and I’ve gotten a lot of massages).

Jenna C. on Yelp – 6/1/2015 – 5 Stars
I found Joe on Yelp when I was frantically searching for someone to help with my stiff neck. Joe was responsive and accommodating with his schedule – got me in at 8:00pm on a Saturday! The massage was fabulous and I left feeling so much better and in a lot less pain. Joe took the time to suggest stretches and tools that I could use everyday to try to prevent issues in the future. A very kind and compassionate therapist and I would highly recommend!

Erin G. on Google+ – 5/23/15 – 5 Stars
I am so excited to go back. I just had the best massage from Joe, and am not going to look for another massage therapist… just another massage from Joe!

Gina A. on Google+ – 4/20/15 – 5 Stars
Joe has a real gift. His space, his technique and his ability to make you comfortable all add up to a really great massage. I’ve had a lot of massages and give Joe high rank if not near the top. I’ve already recommended him to several of my friends.

Lisa H. on Yelp – 3/9/2015 – 5 Stars
Joe does a great job of guiding his students in the art of massage! Best time learning this with my husband! I highly recommend his couples massage workshops.

Christa C. on Yelp – 2/16/2015 – 5 Stars
A friend recommended Joe to me, and he did a great job start to finish. He is an excellent communicator, and was very thorough in determining what I did and did not like in massage therapy. He really put into practice everything I asked for in terms of room and table setup, lighting, massage style and pressure, etc. He was also great about checking in throughout the massage to make sure I was getting what I needed, but not so much that it felt intrusive.

The massage itself was outstanding. His style lets him go over problem areas a few times in succession, each time helping them release a little more. He also has the strength and know-how to provide really deep, targeted pressure without it being painful or “poke-y”, which is something I really appreciated. I felt the benefits of his work for days after, and I’ll definitely be back for more.

Karen M. on Yelp – 1/28/2015 – 5 Stars
I’ve been an LMP for nearly 14 years, and thought I’d had some decent massages in my life. However, when I experienced Joe’s Deep Lomi work, I was truly blown away by how gifted he is as a massage therapist. His technique, skill, and intention were spot on, and left me feeling fantastic after the massage. I live on the Eastside, but it was worth the trip to Seattle, and am willing to do it again! I also attended his Deep Lomi workshop. Not only was it reasonably priced, I got what I needed from the class in spades–I immediately started incorporating many of the techniques I learned in his class, and continue to do so, practicing it with other classmates. I have even blown away clients I’ve had since I’ve started as an LMP with my new tools! Take his class, and get a massage from him–from a massage veteran, it has changed my work to something even greater!

Barbara Helynn H. on Yelp – 1/14/2015 – 5 Stars
I’ve received a “Deep Lomi Ultra Relaxation” massage from Joe, and last weekend I attended his “Deep Lomi 101” massage CE class. 5 stars to both! The work is deeply relaxing and feels fantastic to receive. I love the way Joe opens his heart and mind – I enjoy him. In the classroom Joe is both enthusiastic and relaxed, available yet never invasive. I am a massage therapist who has practiced lomilomi for 18 years, and taught lomilomi for the past 8 years. It’s my life path. I don’t personally experience the work Joe practices and teaches as lomilomi, but I do experience it as wonderful work. I’m looking forward to learning more from him. I highly respect Joe. Thank you, Joe

Dawn G. on Yelp – 1/13/2015 – 5 Stars
I found Joe Lavin’s CE massage classes through one of the CE massage websites for Seattle. I was looking for a Lomi Lomi based or Thai class to take. Joe’s website, touchfactormassage.com, where he talks about the why and how of his craft, his approach and philosophy, and his background, and which includes an easy to navigate listing of a variety of CE classes, hooked me. It was simple to sign up for a class, communication was swift and I was able to try out a Deep Lomi session with him before class, as I had never experienced Lomi Lomi, let alone his blended style.

The 90 minute massage was great. I have had many massages, and a lot of very good ones, but Joe was the most engaged and present massage therapist I have ever received a massage from–plus, he has outstanding skills with the clinical knowledge and intuition to back it up. The other massage therapist whose work I’ve experienced that I would say is also that engaged is Jack Gilyard, but you’d have to go to Cashmere, WA to work with him.

As for the class I took, Deep Lomi Massage Mastery 101, Embracing the Flow–it was stellar. Joe has a down to earth, informed, hands-on teaching style that I appreciate. I like to be able to mirror new techniques when I am learning them and have a chance to try them out before moving on to another one. Joe’s style allows and encourages this. He migrates around to each table to give suggestions to the people working, answer questions and gets right in and shows the techniques again individually, offers different approaches to techniques and sometimes uses the hands on top of hands demonstration as a guide, which I find helpful. He encourages people to switch partners throughout the course but doesn’t overly enforce this either–participants are all respected as adults and equals, which is not always the case in a teaching environment. In addition, his easy going, approachable manner made the class fun and made for good camaraderie all around, a nice way to spend a Saturday. I look forward to taking more classes from Joe Lavin and highly recommend him as a continuing education provider for massage. Check out his Awesome Sauce Series of shorter (4 hour) workshops as well, also reasonably priced.

Jaya J. on Yelp – 12/24/2014 – 5 Stars
I appreciated Joe’s casual, warm demeanor and full attention to my comfort — his massage room was extra warm (I run cold) and the amount of chatting was just right. He is strong, but used his strength in a healing way. I left feeling seriously relaxed, but also “corrected” in an alignment way. He also made me feel good about my neighborhood In Magnolia. I also want to mention that his customer service is so great — his (infrequent) mailing list emails have information that is actually interesting and useful, and when I needed a printable gift certificate for a workshop that I was gifting, he emailed it to me right away. Highly recommended!

Aurore T. on Yelp – 12/1/2014 – 5 Stars
I have been in a lot of back pain since I gave birth to my daughter a year and half ago. I had been to a different massage therapist who gave me some release but it was nothing to compared to joe’s massage. Definitely the best I ever had.

Sarah A. on Yelp – 11/25/2014 – 5 Stars
I was desperately needing some down time + relaxation before my family was set to come in town for the holidays! Joe helped me do just that! The room was dark and smelled like sleep. He communicated just enough and was quiet enough for me to check out and just enjoy the entire experience. Lovely time!

Mark G. on Yelp – 11/12/2014 – 5 Stars
So for my girlfriends birthday I decided to get us a couples massage, since she loves massages so much. Being new to Seattle I had no idea where to go, so naturally I turned to yelp. Joe had a great ratings and reviews and was offering a yelp deal so I splurged and got two 90 min massages. I called Joe to see if he could do two back to back and he was happy to fit us into his schedule. Upon Arrival to his home, (Thats right, didn’t realize he worked from home, but his home was clean and inviting and he has a whole room dedicated for massage which is very comfortable). Joe will sit you down and get to know you and find out exactly what you’re looking for in a massage then he customizes it to fit your needs. He goes above and beyond what you would get from a spa, tailoring temperature, scent, modesty and basically anything you would like or are concerned about. Joe is very accommodating and easy to approach. The massages Joe gives are A+mazing. Let me just say my girlfriend might be one of the hardest women to please and she left saying that was the best massage she has ever had!! I was more than happy we found Joe and will definitely be back.

Jenn S. on Yelp – 10/16/2014 – 5 Stars
I just received a much needed and overdo massage from Joe and I must say it was absolutely amazing! His technique is so spot on providing a relaxing but therapeutic approach to my muscular pain. There was never a moment when I thought “I hope he works on that one spot”. He just knew all of the spots to pay special attention to while always checking in to make sure it wasn’t too much or too little. He also provided me with techniques to do at home to help relieve some of my neck pain. It was truly the best massage I have ever received!

Ryan H. on Yelp – 10/5/2014 – 5 Stars
If you want an amazing massage by a therapist that listens to exactly what you need and knows how to fine tune your body, then I suggest you see Joe.

Jasmine P. on Yelp – 9/10/2014 – 5 Stars
I have been to a number of massages and I have to say this was probably the best I’ve physically felt after the massage. Not just because of the massage but a step beyond that—Joe is so great at asking for my feedback and making sure I’m comfortable in the space and with the pressure. I can be shy at asking for what I want so having his reassurance and just all the extra details put into place to make me feel accommodated really helped to make me feel safe in the space. Not to mention, his gentle energy lends itself to your practice so well. That is really important to me and I haven’t felt that comfortable on a first massage visit ever.

My shoulder was really killing me and this massage didn’t disappoint in relieving the pain. I desperately needed that. He also fit me in last minute when I had only a tiny time range to work with (I had a sitter for my two young ones but only for a few hours that day). The surprising part is that I came for my shoulder but he really told me to pay special attention to my hips! He gave me a lot of great practical advice on body mechanics and stretching while I work that showed he was really knowledgeable. He also followed up with me on those suggestions via email! So great. What I really liked most though was that he is also very compassionate and understanding when he listens and offers words to help you. I am pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this experience given it was out of someone’s home! Really impressive.

Heidi D. on Yelp – 8/22/2014 – 5 Stars
Joe is an incredible massage therapist. I have received many massages over the years and he is by far the best. His massages are phenomenal and to top it off he was able to help pinpoint areas I needed more work on

Christine S. on Yelp – 7/21/2014 – 5 Stars
Joe is truly an awesome massage therapist. He’s wonderful at communicating – listening and getting info and feedback from you, in order to personalize your session to fit your needs and preferences. He’s very approachable, respectful, kind, and non-intimidating. His bodywork is very intentional and focused, and also super relaxing and therapeutic. I felt so much more at ease and happy in my body after the session. From start to finish, you feel very listened to and important – Which you are!

I’m a massage therapist myself, and I very confidently recommend him. One of the best massage therapists I’ve had the pleasure to work with (and by “work” I mean receiving bodywork- which is extremely beneficial and enjoyable work!). Don’t be afraid, and don’t think about it too much- Just sign up for a session with Joe, and see what positive changes good bodywork can do for you!

Janet L. on Yelp – 7/5/2014 – 5 Stars
This is the way massages should be done!  I usually go to fancy spa salons for massages, so at first, I was a bit wary going to someone’s house for a massage.  However, Joe was so accommodating, I felt right at home.  The massage was very relaxing and I appreciated that he uses a balm instead of greasy massage oils (which usually make me break out), and they smelled really wonderful of peppermint and vanilla.  My favorite part is that he lets you stay in the room afterwards to relax/nap.  I’ve always wished spa salons had this option instead of feeling rushed outside to let the next client in.  I will be coming back regularly.

Renee T. on Yelp – 6/25/2014 – 5 Stars
I went to see Joe when I started experiencing Sciatica during pregnancy.  First of all, the space is amazing!  It’s beautiful, clean, and comfortable.  And the massage!  Wow.  He was incredibly effective, and although I was about 8 months pregnant, I was totally comfortable the whole time.  My Sciatica was much better afterwards, and Joe offered to show my partner how to massage the area in the future.

I’ve since recommended Joe to several friends, who have all raved about him.  I will not be seeking another massage therapist.  There’s a reason this guy keeps getting 5 stars.

Chef R G. on Yelp – 6/17/2014 – 5 Stars
Amazing!  Being a chef, my work is very physical, so I need to realign by getting frequent massages. I usually get massages from spas or larger massage companies. Yet, I usually leave feeling like it could have been better or that the massage was good but not incredible. So, I have been on the hunt for the perfect massage from a therapist who truly knows how to intuitively and attentively work.

Joe is all that and then some. His massage technique is unique and pushes the conventional massage house style. For example, he tailors the massage to what is needed so he spent a lot of time working around my arm pit and shoulder blade. I have always wanted a therapist to be able to release that tension and dig around in that area–and he is the only one that had the intuition to find that “troubled” spot.

His knowledge about massage and body work is unprecedented and I highly recommend his work!

Nicci M. on Yelp – 6/12/2014 – 5 Stars
I really needed a massage for a very sore back though was dreading having one as I’m fairly inhibited. I read the reviews on Joe and was so impressed by the fact that everyone seemed to feel so comfortable with him. I bit the bullet and went to see him. From the very beginning, filling out the questionnaire right through the entire massage to the very end, I felt so at ease. This is truly a gift that Joe has!

The environment was so peaceful and relaxing and the massage quite amazing. Joe is so incredibly attentive, asking every now and then if the pressure is appropriate etc. and although he applies pressure, it felt so amazing just feeling him gliding over one’s body!  I’ve never known anything like it.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful experience and can’t wait to go back to Joe.

Kara C. on Yelp – 5/25/2014 – 5 Stars
Desperately in need of some healing touch in a time of crisis, I found Joe through Yelp. His website immediately drew me in, when I saw how much he’d put into ensuring that clients get the most individualized experience possible. I emailed him and he got me in the same day. From the moment I arrived, Joe went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable. He only does a limited number of massages each day so that he can take his time with clients. We sat and talked about what I wanted out of the massage, what type of massage I enjoy, etc. I decided to try Lomi massage for the first time. He showed me a diagram of different kinds of draping and let me pick what I was most comfortable with (I again chose Lomi style and am very glad I did).

Joe let me personalize my experience, from the temperature of the room to the areas of the body he worked on. I didn’t find myself needing to tell him much, however, as he seemed to intuit exactly what I needed.

I’ve had so many massages at chains and large studios where I found myself disappointed by the pressure (even after requesting more), or by the short length of the strokes, or by the way only one part of the body is massaged at a time, or by feeling like I need to get off the bed and get out so the next person can file in… Joe does NOT give that kind of massage. He massages the body in a way that respects how everything is connected. I’d describe his technique as “integrated.” And you can take your time afterward! He even has a guest bathroom with a shower for you to use afterward if you want to.

I’ve spent almost 3 years in Seattle trying to find a masseuse to see regularly, and I’ve found him! Thanks, Joe!

Ava M. on Yelp – 5/24/2014 – 5 Stars
Okay, WOW. That massage was…phenomenal. I honestly cannot recommend this man highly enough. I’ve gotten many a massage over the years, and Joe has topped all my previous favorites. He has a technique I can only describe as psychic. Like, connected and present in a way that goes two steps beyond “intuitive” and stops just short of “scary.” He opened up blocked areas that no one else has managed to free, and did it without leaving me in tears. Bravissimo, honestly. This guy deserves a round of applause.

AJ H. on Yelp – 5/15/2014 – 5 Stars
Joe is the best massage therapist, ever. I have had many massages throughout the years, from luxury hotel spas, sports massage clinics, chiropractor offices, to neighborhood thai massage places, I have experienced all. Joe is the absolute best. He’s a master at what he does and he truly cares about his clients. I have gone to him twice after I moved to Seattle, the first time was when I had pulled a muscle while working out and second time was just for pampering. He really listens to you and make sure to pay great attention to your troubled areas. He’s extremely knowledgable and skilled. I never want the 90 minute session to end!

The massage rooms are very clean, inviting and kept warm. I wish I could get a massage from him every week!

Jude B. on Yelp – 4/25/2014 – 5 Stars
Best massage ever!  Joe really knows his stuff.  I wish I could go more often.  Important factors for me are location, convenience and availability.  Touchfactor’s online availability tool is great for setting up appointments.  Joe is always very responsive.  The sessions themselves are interactive, Joe wants you to make sure you get the massage you’re looking for.

Veronica H. on Yelp – 3/22/2014 – 5 Stars
As a fellow massage therapist and frequent “receiver” of massage I am so happy to have met Joe.  His technique and attention to personal touch is unique in the massage industry.  He does not hold back in his efforts to make the appointment all about “you” and truly makes every minute a retreat.

Kathy J. on Yelp – 3/17/2014 – 5 Stars
A truly unique experience!  As a massage therapist and spa lover, I’m picky. I really appreciated Joe’s approach to bodywork. He epitomizes hospitality with a well-crafted experience from the intake to the super comfortable table and heated room to the added bonus of a shower after the session. He has the three key skills that make for a good therapist: solid technique, active listening and kindness. Highly recommend!

Elisa O. on Yelp – 3/16/2014 – 5 Stars
Wow!  Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Joe is a true professional! I had a massage a few days ago… Feeling great!  From start to finish… It was perfect! His energy… The room… Music.. Oil… Wow! Can’t wait to return! Hands down … Best massage ever!

Aleya G. on Yelp – 3/13/2014 – 5 Stars
My husband and I have done two private couples massage workshops with Joe and they were fantastic experiences. We learned so much, and he helped foster connection between us as a couple while he taught us some of his art.  And it turns out, 4-handed massages are awesome! While I’m not someone who usually likes to get massages from men, Joe was so professional he made me feel completely comfortable. I highly recommend the couples massage workshops as a fabulous investment in bringing new life and passion to your marriage!

Sues Z. on Yelp – 3/12/2014 – 5 Stars
I have had a fair amount of massage in my time, but really don’t have the opportunity to experience it as often as I should and/or would like. So, when I do, I am quite particular. I have been practicing hot yoga, running, or doing some sort of high-impact exercise my entire adult life. So therefore, my body has been put through a lot of wear and tear, as well as injuries.

Joe is an excellent massage therapist who possesses the knowledge, skill, and touch that unfortunately are not always a given in the industry. He is present in sync with your energy, and not watching the clock—going through the motions. There is no question in my mind that Joe nurtures, cares and cares for all of his clients. Giving them the experience of a technically executed massage, coupled with a relaxing and comfortable touch. Very professional!!

Happy Client on Abumba – 3/3/2014 – 5 Stars
Absolutely the most wonderful massage I have ever received. Joe is a very talented and knowledgable massage therapist but he is also a true artist. I felt like the most important person in the world during my 2 hour session!

Rebekah C. on Yelp – 2/11/2014 – 5 Stars
I am a full-time student and commute from Portland, Oregon. I was in much need of a massage and found Joe 1 year ago. It was the best massage I have ever had,  so much so that I don’t want to go to any other massage therapist in my area! I will wait for months to until I am in the area to come back to see Joe!

I agree with all the qualities I have read in the previous reviews. He is passionate about his work, very intuitive, caring, great in giving the right amount of pressure for problem areas, and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I haven’t had the same experience anywhere else where I have come out of the massage time relaxed and rejuvenated! I sit so much for school and a lot of driving every week and he has helped me immensely. I can’t say enough good things about him!

Cydian R. on Yelp – 1/24/2014 – 5 Stars
Joe deserves 5 stars. I’ve seen nearing a hundred different massage therapists, and Joe is in the top 10 as far as skill. But he might just be number one as far as being the most conscientious and interested. He cares, and he’s really willing to work for whatever result you want. He’s been doing massage a while now and I don’t understand how he hasn’t become even a little bit burned out. My first massage with him was like I was getting the energy of someone who is still new and passionate about his work. It was really great!

April K. on Yelp – 1/18/2014 – 5 Stars
This massage completely blew my expectations away! I’d never had a massage that used long fluid strokes as opposed to pointed pressure on one part at a time. Now I know it’s a must have! It was unbelievably relaxing, but also the most productive, quality massage I’ve ever had. Somehow Joe would be working pretty deeply in one direction, while at the same time providing a less deep, more soothing stroke in the other direction. My eyes were closed so I couldn’t tell, but I’m pretty sure he has four hands lol.

Joe’s knowledge about the body is unmistakable. He found trouble spots that I hadn’t even said anything about because I didn’t want to sound too whiny. He checked in several times throughout the massage to make sure I was doing okay (okay is an understatement!). I love that he didn’t assume that the level of pressure for one set of muscles would be the same for the next set. The communication was open, easy, and completely unintimidating. He was SO respectful of any feedback I gave, and even taught me something I can do to keep myself pain free at home.

If you can chip an extra chunk of time out of your schedule, be sure to take your time getting up and ready. I loved having that option! The massage table is incredibly comfortable and the room is warm and smells amazing. When you’re ready, there’s an adjacent bathroom stocked with anything you might need to put yourself back together. Joe makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. I actually took a stroll around the beautiful quiet neighborhood before making myself go back to reality. It was the perfect afternoon getaway.

Don’t hesitate to schedule! I’m so glad I did, and I look forward to future visits 🙂

Sasha S. on Yelp – 1/13/2014 – 5 Stars
Joe is fantastic! He is so thorough, professional and has great technique and strong hands. I’ve only gone once & I am already looking forward to my next massages I encourage you to book with him if you like an individualized, relaxing, feel-good massage- you won’t be disappointed.

Alexis A. on Yelp – 12/3/2013 – 5 Stars
Joe is my go to guy when I need a massage. Even though I’m not living in the state I always make sure to book an appointment with him every time I’m in town. He very interested in finding out what YOU want out of the massage. I usually go for the Lomi Lomi massage and it is fabulous! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a massage therapist in the Seattle area.

Jeannie P. on Yelp – 12/3/2013 – 5 Stars
Joe is a caring and kind practitioner. My massage experience with him was the best I have ever had. He is accommodating and concerned. I have been impressed with his continued devotion to his profession, his love of it and his willingness to share his knowledge with clients as well as co-workers. Just DO THIS!! I would give him more stars if I could.

Doug H. on Yelp – 11/8/2013 – 5 Stars
In a word: WOW!  My partner is an avid runner and he keeps his body in awesome condition and he really loves regular massage therapy to soothe his muscles and ease his aches and pains. I really want to help, but I get bored and tired of it very quickly. I decided to see what I could find to help teach me/us some technique that makes it more interesting for me and actually help him. After doing some online research, I found Joe and his reviews made me realize that I had found exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t have been more correct! We showed up and he made us feel right at home and as if we’d known him forever. Joe is very charismatic and warm and he really enjoys his work…he’s funny to top it off!  He showed us both how to really enjoy ourselves and never to miss an opportunity for “free touch”. I highly recommend one of Joe’s workshops to anyone (two-some, couple or whatever) who would like to learn the essentials of great massage technique and the general closeness that it brings two people, not to mention the sensuality.  One more added bonus…I was getting some great yoga-type stretches and became totally engaged in the massage, even though I was the one giving it. It’s a total Win-Win!

Kevin B. on Yelp – 10/29/2013 – 5 Stars
My wife and I recently visited Joe for a private couples Lomi Lomi massage workshop. First of all Joe is very friendly and professional and took time to understand exactly what we were looking for. His studio is on the upper floor of his house and was all set up, with a nice warm room temp, candles etc. He left us to get changed using the adjacent bathroom. My wife was receiving the massage and Joe was teaching me Lomi Lomi technique as we went along with both of us massaging her. He did a great job of helping me understand the basics of the strokes and frequently checked in with my wife to get her feedback. We had a great time and she really enjoyed Joe’s firm yet soothing techniques. I would highly recommend a session like this for couples who enjoy giving each other massage. Afterwards we had plenty of time to relax and shower etc using the adjacent bathroom with nice fluffy towels.

Derek E. on Yelp – 10/22/2013 – 5 Stars
Joe has the best touch in Seattle. He delivers soft, deep pressure that feels good and gets the work done. His space is heated beyond the norm, making you forget you live in a rainy, cool climate. I’m also a massage therapist, and have received lots of bodywork, but Joe’s is unparalleled.

Tracy on Zaarly – 6/19/2013 – Thumbs Up
If I had only one word to choose to describe Joe, his techniques, and his massage room…INCREDIBLE. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and takes his time to really address any areas of concern. He listens. He spans the distance from deep to relaxation, and he does it beyond well. I’m a tough customer and have tried other places in the Seattle area. He’s got my loyal business. He is a gift to the massage community!

Tracy G. on Yelp – 6/6/2013 – 5 Stars
I am new to the Seattle area and not new to massage.  Finding a good, much less great therapist can be time consuming and frustrating…and expensive!  I read the previous reviews on Yelp and decided to try Touch Factor Massage.  Joe knows his work.  He asks for feedback and listens to you.  Finally a warm room to fully relax into the benefits of massage.  All around a 5 star experience…I’m a tough customer!  I gave the price range 1 dollar sign…what you get is inexpensive for what you receive in the actual massage and the experience combined!

Clover A. on Yelp – 6/3/2013 – 5 Stars
This is the kind of five star review that makes me wish there was a bonus star to give.
 The space is beautiful, relaxing, and perfectly appointed with everything you’d need to feel completely comfortable including showering after your massage if you’d like to. Warm towels, lush robes, ice water w/lemon, even little snacks to revive you after your journey into a blessed state of relaxation.

Joe starts out easy, always checking in to see if the pressure is right, and is great about any feedback you have. For me, what’s even better, should you want to just rest and enjoy in silence, he doesn’t feel the need to fill the space with talking, allowing you to get into the flow happening as your body is worked into a state of bliss.

I have been a few times and can’t imagine going elsewhere now.

I almost don’t want to review, this is one of those places so good I don’t want to let people in on it lest it get too busy and I can’t get in to see him often enough. But I did, because it’s too good not to share, a little I guess 🙂

Kay K. on Yelp – 5/23/2013 – 4 Stars
There are plenty of massage therapists in this town but few that I would highly recommend. This is one of them. You can tell that Joe cares about his clients from the heart and is not just in it for a buck. He is thorough and quite strong. He wants people to enjoy a full relaxation experience and his massage space brings an immediate feeling of calm. He knows his stuff and is willing to work with you to be sure the pressure suits you and the type of massage he provides works with your expectations.

His practice is centrally located if you live in Magnolia but it’s worth the drive believe me. Located in a residential setting there is plenty of parking but there are stairs to get into his place. Dodge the high rent district and take a walk in Discovery Park followed by a massage and you will feel like you have had a mini-vacation.

Give it a go — you will not regret your choice for a total experience of escape from the daily grind.

Joy Bird W. on Yelp – 4/28/2013 – 5 Stars
Mr. Joe Lavin of Touch Factor Massage has an amazing style that is like no other. He is professional and knowledgeable about the body and has an innate sense of what is needed to get stubborn tight muscles to relax! Joe used a cupping technique that was able to release muscles on my left side that never seem to relax, even with deep tissue massage. Amazing!

The space was lovely and warm with the perfect music for me. I felt safe and well cared for. I walked out of Touch Factor Massage feeling great. I am a retired Massage Therapist and it is not often that I find a therapist that provides a thorough full-body, gentle yet deep massage, that relaxed me AND was able to completely ease the tension of my left side. I look forward to my next session.

Diane R. on Yelp – 4/19/2013 – 5 Stars
I have had a few massages in my life but absolutely nothing that compares to the experience of the body work, the art form, that is what Joe creates. There is no set routine to his work or feeling like he is fitting a massage into the time frame. His work resonates with the muscles themselves, deep but not too deep, always perceptive to what I want and what my muscles will need… and it winds up feeling like an out-of-body experience. I went from one massage a year…on a stressful day maybe..to weekly massages…he is that good. It isn’t just the time that is relaxing…it is his knowledge of working with the “raw material” of whatever tensions or muscle tightness one brings…no matter what they might be on a given day. Joe is in constant touch with the pressure I desire, always using different techniques to accomplish a goal way beyond relaxation. No talking if you don’t talk. Quiet chat if you do. He is intuitive about so much, inventive in his use of different styles of massage to accomplish complete relaxation and freedom from thought. As a way of being free from thought, I think of a massage by Joe as mindful meditation after which I feel completely without pain and can easily move all of my body for two days. Best massages of my life.

SeVerina S. on Yelp  -4/4/2013 – 5 Stars
With his own very special, unique and professional style, his knowledge of the body and the work reflecting in his touch, Joe’s massage is great bodywork through and through! I was long overdue for a massage and was recommended to see Joe by a dear friend whose opinion I hold very dear. Little did I know I was really in for a treat!

Soon as I walked into the door, beautiful music resounded a great space that seemed very welcoming at a house in Magnolia. After a brief and thorough intake I was led into the treatment room: gorgeous aesthetic, very warm, hot yoga style. I think his massage table is THE most comfortable table I have ever been on!

Joe’s massage was fantastic, very thorough, and I felt his presence and mindful care throughout every bit of the session. Doing mostly a deep tissue slow form of Lomi-lomi, I was relaxed within minutes and open to the deep work my body very much needed. Some extra perks were a cupping technique he applied to an area that held severe tissue binding. He used hot and cool towels to integrate the work. And at request, he applied some swedish therapeutic deep tissue work to my neck where I hold very specific chronic pain.

Joe checked in with me frequently about pressure and comfort, talked about his process of treatment here and there but not too much talking, and offered advice and tips in aftercare. He took his time and really got the job done.

Looking forward to seeing him again!

Severina Sol LMP
Healing Bodywerks

Megan M on Zaarly – 4/2/2013 – Thumbs Up
Best Massage of My Life! This is so hard to explain but it was both the most relaxing 90 minutes that I can ever remember and it was also some of the deepest massage work I have ever received..but without the pain that I am used to. Joe’s massage style is so wonderfully different from any other therapist I have ever been to.

The best part (and this was hard to determine because it was all great) was the delicious neck work at the end of the massage and that “uber-ethereal” relaxation hold that he used on my neck and head, I felt like I was floating above the table.

I can’t wait to float again, so I will be back soon…

Kristen K on Zaarly – 3/28/2013 – Thumbs Up
Being a cubicle worker like most people in Seattle, my shoulders and back often need to be stretched out and soothed. It was my first time trying out Lomi massage, and it was a melt-worthy experience that got my muscles totally relaxed. The extra touches made this massage worthy of a return visit – a heated room, an offer to email me more exercises in the next weeks to get my shoulders back on track, a bath robe, and even the option to shower in-house. An awesome experience!

Food L. on Yelp – 1/7/2013 – 5 Stars
We have taken couples massage workshop, free thai stretching workshop and received private massages from Joe, throughout 2011-2012. Workshops were fun, practical and informative. I would recommend both workshops to any couples. Massages were very relaxing and comfortable. Will definitely be going back for more!

PinUpGirl E. on Yelp – 12/19/2012 – 5 Stars
I have know Mr Lavin for a long time, and have found that there is none better suited to help those in need of a massage that will help rejuvenate ones body. He will take the time to listen to your needs and apply the necessary treatment to put you at your best. Joe truly has your well being at heart.

Rachelle L. on Yelp – 11/30/2012 – 5 Stars
My husband and I went to a couples massage class with Mr Lavin and learned some amazing massage techniques to practice on each other. My hands don’t tire out before the end of the massage now and we had fun too! I’d also personally recommend his massage as a client, great intuition and understands how to listen to body!

Bobbie R. on Yelp 11/27/2012 – 5 Stars
I met Joe last year while I was in massage school.  He is a great teacher, mentor and massage therapist!  The biggest compliment that I can give Joe, is that he WILL give you the type of massage you want, and it will be fantastic!  He is attentive to your needs and very knowledgeable in a variety of techniques.  I would highly recommend Joe to everyone.

Jennifer A. on Yelp – 11/13/2012 – 5 Stars
Best massage I have ever had. It was thorough, relaxing, and exactly what I needed. Felt terrific!! Joe is very knowledgeable and stands above the rest. I am a massage therapist as well, so I am VERY picky about the massages I receive. Joe is great!  I am going to continue to see him on a bi-weekly basis. Highly recommend!

Janelle L. on Yelp – 10/24/2012 – 5 Stars
Unbelievably Relaxing Massage! Really unbelievable…

I am a full time student, waitress and single mom. I live in stress and do not relax well at all. At least I used to not relax at all, until I went in for a relaxation massage from Joe Lavin.

Joe’s table is soooo comfortable, the room is delightfully warm, the music and lighting are perfect and Joe is absolutely the best massage therapist in the universe (at least in my universe :-)).

The work was really deep but never felt painful or threatening (in fact just the opposite). He has this really slow, sedating style that just seems to go and go and he never seems to transition from stroke to stroke or from one part of the body to the other, it just flows together. It is really incredible and it is really different from any other massage therapist I have ever gone to.

After 90 minutes I did not want to move or even talk. Joe left me to myself in his treatment room (relaxation palace?) for about an hour and then I peeled myself off of the table and got freshened up in the bathroom (there is a shower available for clients). Downstairs there was more relaxing music, water, fruit and best of all Chocolate!!

Brooke G. on Yelp – 10/16/2012 – 5 Stars
Best Massage Ever.  Joe gives an outstanding massage!  He asks questions and really finds out what you are looking for, what you are comfortable with and throughout the massage makes sure you are on the same page pressure-wise.  It was incredible and I will be going back very soon!  I would recommend him to anyone! Great, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  You feel a combination of complete relaxation and that he really helped work on issues I was having. Can’t get back there soon enough!

Sheryl P. on Yelp – 9/23/2012 – 5Stars
While I have enjoyed other deep tissue massages, I have never had a massage therapist more skilled at finding and working out those spots that needed extra attention. I have chronic tightness in my neck and back and Joe completely tailored the massage to work the areas that needed the most work. Joe is also very skilled at ensuring there is a good communication flow between therapist and client ensuring the massage is the right pressure and the experience is exactly what he client is looking for. It was the most therapeutic massage I have ever had!

Melissa M. on Yelp – 9/14/2012 – 5 Stars
Joe has given me several amazing massages! He is very strong, listens well to what you need, communicates with you about comfort and pressure during the massage and is just wonderful to work with.

My favorite massage is the Hot Massage! Think hot yoga room and deep tissue massage all in one! The hot, damp room allows you to relax and to do much deeper work then you would ordinarily be able to do. I was a little bit sore afterward but felt amazing for the next week!

I also recommend him as a stretching coach! I invited three of my girlfriends over and Joe led us in couples stretching exercises that were wonderful! He even left us with literature so that we could continue to help one another out after the class. It was fun to do as a girls night in activity and it would also be a great way for a couple to learn new ways to take care of one another.

All around, I highly recommend Joe. He has made me feel comfortable, taken care of my physically as well as checked in with me around how stress, hydration and diet can impact my body. Two thumbs up and all five stars!

Morgan C. on Stik.com – September 2012
Joe Lavin has helped free me of hip and shoulder pain, he is a thai massage guru. I love working with him, he is always professional and aware of everything that is going on with me. If you need some healing he is who would trust to do it!

Jennifer M. on Topix – 8/24/2012
Outstanding Massage! Very thorough and deep but still very relaxing. I love the Deep Lomi style that Joe uses and all of the side lying stuff!!

Go see Joe Lavin for a great massage!!

James D. on Stik.com – August 2012
I have the utmost respect for Joe, and would not think twice to recommend him to anyone I know. He will listen to you and your needs and apply what is needed to help you heal or just relax.

Jonathan M. on Yelp – 8/15/2012 – 5 Stars
Joe gives a fantastic massage. Fantastic.  I’ve never had a massage therapist able to go as deep as he does.  I thought I liked a super deep massage, but he didn’t even go nearly as deep as he can with me!  The set up is real nice, very welcoming.  Joe is compassionate and understanding and really intuitive with his work. 

Ray G. on Stik.com July 2012
Joe is a very sensitive person with the strength of a kick-boxer; and the heart of a lamb. He has earned the credentials of a Massage Skills Instructor; and all of his life experiences truly brings to him the gift of the Power of Touch. I hope you too can have the experience of Joe Lavin’s touch.

Juli-Ann W. on Yelp – 7/12/2012 – 5 Stars
Joe is naturally intuitive and extremely responsive in providing massage. Massages are given in his professional home office, where the room was very comfortable, well heated and relaxing.

I am a huge fan of deep tissue work and evidently can tolerate quite a bit of pressure. Joe delivered as he is strong and knows many techniques to be able to provide that deep, therapeutic work my body demands. Was pleasantly sore for a day afterwards, but felt GREAT for the entire week following this work.

Extremely reasonable pricing. I look forward to returning! 

Angela B. on Google Local (July 2012) – 3 out of 3 Stars
If you ever have really wanted to treat yourself to an urban escape, this is it! It’s so different than any other kind of massage-& i mean that in the best possible way!The room is heated which just melts you right into the table and kinda puts you into trance mode even before Joe gets started. The deep lomi lomi is my fav. Much slower than traditional, more focused and, I think(& I’m somewhat of a massage snob) much much better. He even found knots in my calves!! There’s a shower to rinse off in too! And afterward, lots of water and fruit and chocolate! Highly highly recommended! Can’t say enough! I’m going back…soon! Thanks Joe!
Pros: rates, personalized(not the typical cookie cutter massage), heated room
Cons: hmmm…still thinking…

Sarah on Google Local – July 2012 – 3 out of 3 Stars
Outstanding Massage! I mean absolutely incredible!! Thanks, Joe 🙂

Marianne M. on Yelp – 6/6/2012 – 5 Stars
I highly recommend Touch Factor massage, it was one of the best massages I have ever had. In addition, the heated room really made a difference in my relaxation level for my mind and my muscles. I appreciated the customization to my really tough muscles, and the fact that he not only is knowledgeable, but is willing to answer questions and impart knowledge about musculature and it’s relation with other body systems.

L.S. on Yelp –  6/4/2012 – 5 Stars
Joe was a meant to be find. I’ve had bodywork therapy for many years now and have tried many different modalities and styles. Joe has a unique way for combining massage techniques and heat that is one of a kind. After just one session, his work is most memorable.

Joe is personable and engaging, His place is warm and inviting. His prices are more than reasonable.

Juli B on Yelp 5/9/2012 – 5 Stars
I moved to the area, and I found Joe to help me relax after such a stressful, life-changing event. I couldn’t be happier. He is a consummate professional yet very approachable. With every massage, he doesn’t assume he knows what may be hurting, he always asks to ensure he’s in tune with what you ask for, as well as what his detective insight reveals. I always feel like a new person after each of my massages, thanks to his multiple massage methods to ensure I’m relaxed.

Due to travel, I wasn’t able to see Joe for a few months. I tried others, and I always ended up saying “he/she was no Joe”. I can’t speak highly enough of him. So glad I found a regular massage therapist–I think you will too, after seeing Joe.

Tim E. on Yelp – 5/3/2012 – 5 Stars
I had a great experience with Joe. He is very professional and has the qualities I look for in a massage therapist.

1) He listens; he will take the time to talk with you before the massage and figure out really what you are looking for and also explain what to expect.

2) He cares; Joe went the extra mile (literally) and came over to my house when I was unable to walk due to a lower back spasm. We had never met mind you, my wife had been to see him once and I emailed him. I live in Magnolia which is where he lives and he stopped by that day to help me out. That was really impressive to me.

3) He knows; Joe is an expert and he is very thourough. After a massage he showed me some stretches that would help me and took the time to make sure I was leaving feeling better mentally as well as physically.

My wife has had pinched nerves in her neck for a few years and knots in her upper back/shoulders. The first time she came home from a massage with Joe she was elated. I remember her saying “I found the person I was looking for”!

I haven’t tried the hot massage yet but I plan to! This guy is great.

Essy P. on Yelp – 4/27/212 – 5 Stars
I took Joe’s couple massage workshop and that was how we got introduced. I LOVED it and had to make an appointment with him. By far the best massage I’ve ever had. He really cares about what he does and gives his all. I would recommend him to anyone! His knowledge really shines through and the heat is amazing.

Varesa H. on Yelp – 10/13/2011 – 5 Stars
I have never experienced anything quite as relaxing as Joe’s Hot massage. I did the 120 minute massage for my birthday this year. We started with a few minutes of Thai massage (which is like having help doing some great stretches) then moved to the massage room.

The room is really warm and it helps relax all your muscles. I love Joe’s massage style it is perfect. I like a good deep massage so when I am done I feel fully relaxed. I told him what I liked and he was perfect! It was really the best I have ever had. I have to drive almost an hour to get to Joe but it is worth it, I will be back!

DK on Yelp – 10/19/2011 – 5 Stars
Massage therapy at its best. If you want a truly relaxing and amazing massage, Touch Factor is the place to go. Muscles feel like the stress has been melted away. 🙂

Mary P. on Yelp – 2/6/2012 – 5 Stars
This massage therapist is outstanding. It is a rarity to find someone who is so in tune with the mechanics of the body, and takes the time to have the session be truly healing.

My husband and I went in for a couples massage, where we were both able to learn each others pressure points, and participate in the massage. This was wonderful. I will definitely be returning.

The appointments are in a beautiful home office, where you are given privacy, and feel very welcome. If you need a truly wonderful massage, Joe is your guy.

Crank up the heat!

Krista N. on Yelp – 2/1/2012 – 5 Stars
I really enjoyed my massage that Joe gave me. His technique is different because it incorporates a mix of different styles- all in one. I enjoy the fact that he knows how to really get deep into the trouble issues and also how to knows how to use stretches and techniques that are super relaxing.

His personality is approachable and he knows have to give a professional massage without making a massage newbie feel weird. Next time I’ll stop being a wimp and do the hot massage. Thanks Joe for the great massage.

 Angelique P. by Email
Joe, thank you for an incredible massage! I loved the hot room, the super soft massage table pad, the hot towels, the lighting, the music…pretty much everything. It was like a luxury getaway for me. But most of all, I really loved your massage! You have great hands and a really great sense of touch. I love the way that you take your time and really seem to be invested in how my body works and feels. I feel totally safe on your table and that is not always the case with other therapists. So thank you thank you and thank you again! I will be back very soon 🙂

Kayla S. on Yelp – 1/26/2011 – 5 Stars
I met Joe when my boyfriend and I did the power of massage couples workshop (so much fun btw!) So I signed up for Joe’s 90 min hot massage and it was DIVINE! I was really sore from a couple yoga classes that week, so this massage was perfect.

I like the hot room because, just like yoga, it helps relax your muscles. Joe has great technique and is very conscious of apply pressure, some muscles were a little tending than others. He is very professional and felt very comfortable the whole time during the massage (some times they can be awkward if you’re like me and don’t get massaged that often)

After the massage, Joe gave me some great tips to help my body heal in those tender places. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is in pain and/or just needs a massage!!

Jim D. by Email
I saw Joe’s ad for Hot Massage and I had to check it out. At first I was really not sure what type of massage I was getting, but I love hot yoga and I love getting massages, so I figured that it would be a pretty good session even though I usually prefer a female therapist. Boy was I right!

I am a really active guy (biking, hiking, hot yoga, soccer, etc.) and my body is constantly aching somewhere. Joe is a great therapist, he gave me one of the most relaxing and at the same time one of the deepest and most thorough massages of my life! The hot room wiped me out and pretty much rendered me useless, which allowed Joe to do some really deep tissue work on my calves and inner thighs which I usually can’t tolerate. I felt great and could really feel a difference in my body.

Angelique P. on Yelp – 11/13/2011 – 5 Stars
Wow! Is it too much to start out by saying that this was the absolute best massage of my entire life? I hope not, because it definitely was. There are a number of reasons for this, but first let me tell you how I found Joe and Touch Factor.

I bought a groupon on a whim for a couple’s massage workshop that Joe and his wife Wendy teach at the massage school in Kirkland (Power of Touch Workshops and Northwest School of Massage). It was really great, my boyfriend and I learned a lot and had a great time with Joe and Wendy. They both come around in the workshop and demonstrated different techniques. Joe was incredible at showing my partner how and when to work deep and how and when to be gentle. I could tell that he really knew what he was doing and he loved what he was doing as well. So I booked an appointment with him at the massage school for a deep tissue massage the following week.

But then I looked at his website and saw his description of his “hot” (as in temperature) massage and could not resist. I went to his home studio in Magnolia (which I might not have done if I had not met him and his wife at the workshop, but I am glad I did). Nice house, nice treatment room, separate bathroom and shower for clients, nice music, nice lighting, nice relaxing atmosphere, pretty much really nice everything.

But then there was the heat and the massage, Wow! The heat in the room is so relaxing it is amazing. I kept wanting to fall asleep, but I did not want to miss the massage. The massage was amazing. Joe goes very slow and works very deeply without actually hurting you (unless you ask him specifically for deep tissue work). He is really good at making you feel secure under the sheet because he makes it like a cocoon (except for his Lomi Lomi) He has what I guess you would call a very natural or intuitive style and seemed to know exactly where I needed the most work and the most pampering.

After the massage he has water or tea for you. Let’s you take as long as you want to get up and moving. Towels and robe are ready if you want to freshen up in the bathroom. You have the whole upstairs to yourself, so it feels very safe and private. When you are ready, you go downstairs, find Joe and reschedule!! 🙂

PS – I have been back a couple of times. It just gets better each time because Joe asks about the last massage; what did I like the best, what did I like the least, what do I want to different, etc., and he actually listens and adjusts his style each time.

My suggestions:
Try the hot massage at least once

Try the Ultra Relaxation massage at least once (at least for women, my boyfriend says that he would get bored, I think he is scared 🙂

Try the Lomi Lomi (but not on your first visit because you are not covered as modestly as his other massage styles, but it is the coolest, most soothing massage I have ever had).