I am going to do something different for this Bodyworker Retreat. I am putting together a four-part continuing education course on my Deep Lomi Massage Style and a Thai Massage Integration series. I would like to invite some great therapists over for the weekend to go through the first parts of these two series and help me finalize my curriculum. Once I get the courses approved by NCBTMB all of the attendees will get 8 to 12 CE credits retroactively and major kudos from me as well. Of course, we will still have plenty of time for sharing ideas and experiences as well as for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Deep Lomi 101 – Embracing The Flow
Learn the foundations of Deep Lomi Massage, including:

Proper Body Mechanics – Using Deep Lomi will allow you to perform substantial and very deep bodywork techniques while protecting your body and your career at the same time. You will learn how to use your entire body to make your bodywork as lavish and therapeutic as possible!

Client Body Positioning – One of the keys to making the Deep Lomi style of massage a more profound and therapeutic experience for your client is the use of creative body positioning. You will learn how to use the Deep Lomi style with clients in several different body positions.

Deep Lomi Techniques – Deep Lomi forearm strokes, flowing full body techniques, elegant transitional techniques, superficial and deep soft tissue releases, open-handed and closed-handed techniques. These strokes combine to let you apply the heaviest work that you may have ever done with very little stress on your body while at the same time allowing your client to happily receive some of the deepest work they have ever been able to receive. *Deep Therapeutic Work is one of the possibilities of My Deep Lomi style, but the work can be extremely soothing at the same time and does not have to be overly deep at all. You can adapt it to your style or your client’s expected outcomes.

New Ways To Do Old Things – You will also learn how to incorporate many of the things that you already do into your own personal Deep Lomi style. Palpation with an increased sensitivity both locally and systemically, compression and traction techniques, myofascial work and stretching techniques, and much more….

Thai Massage Integration Series
Learn how to integrate the most profound and dynamic aspects of Thai Massage into your personal massage practice and style. In this four-part series you will learn how to incorporate the best Floor Thai Massage, Table Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage techniques into your current massage style.

The Foundations of Thai Massage Integrations
In this workshop we will cover basic, intermediate and advanced thai massage techniques that you will be able to immediately integrate into your current massage practice. These techniques will allow you to offer your clients an amazing number of dynamic new treatment possibilities with less physical effort by you and with less wear and tear on your body. You will also learn how to use these techniques to market your massage practice in a completely new, dynamic and exciting way.

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