I have received, studied and taught many different styles of massage and bodywork. As a result I have come up with a couple of very distinct massage styles and experiences that I feel are very unique, effective and altogether wonderful! However, before you get too far here, let me explain to you that I pretty much create a custom massage experience for each of my clients. This experience changes almost every time that you come in for a massage as we get more comfortable with each other and as I learn more about what you are looking for in your massage experience. What your muscles need, what your nervous system needs and what you need as a person. So if you do not see an experience below that magically resonates somewhere deep inside of you, just come in for a Deep Lomi session and be ready to be amazed!

Deep Lomi Ultra Relaxation Massage
My Ultra Relaxation Massage is designed for 100% relaxation and renewal. Unlike most people’s idea of a relaxation massage, my Ultra Relaxation Massage is not a “light touch” massage but rather a constant deep touch and continuous flow. Each stroke never seems to actually start or end…they just follow each other in a constant slow dance, sinking deeper and deeper into your body as you sink deeper and deeper into a state of blissful relaxation.  It is nurturing, lavish and soothing. Read More…

Nurturing Touch Massage
Nurturing Touch Massage is something almost completely “other” from most any other massage most people have ever had. It is a much deeper level of touch. Slower, more luxurious and with more intentional communication that you are important, safe and deserve to really relax. This type of touch is most often practiced with infants and the elderly as a form of non verbal affirmation and encouragement, however I think that it should be practiced with everyone at some level.  Read More…

The signature experiences below each have different prices:

Four-Handed Deep Lomi Massage
If there was ever a style of massage that was perfectly suited for a four-handed massage (2 Massage Therapists for 1 Client), it most certainly is Deep Lomi. There is nothing even close to losing yourself to the relaxing and nurturing care of a Four Hands of Relaxation Massage. It is all of the lavish attention and continuous flow of my Ultra Relaxation Deep Lomi Massage, but with two therapists instead of just one. Read More

Hot Lomi/Yoga Massage
Imagine getting the most amazingly relaxing and deep massage of your life in a Hot Yoga environment and you will start to get an idea what my Hot Lomi/Yoga Massage is all about. I promise you that it will be, by far, one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and thorough massage experiences you will ever have. To begin with, the room is very hot (90°F to 100°F) and humid (at least 60%). Your muscles start to warm up and relax before I even begin to work. The heat helps to relax your mind and your body. Many client’s report that they feel like they ‘melt into the table’. Read More…