Come and Spend 90 Minutes in Paradise!

My Ultra Relaxation Massage is designed for 100% relaxation and renewal. Unlike most people’s idea of a relaxation massage, my Ultra Relaxation Massage is not a “light touch” massage but rather a constant deep touch and continuous flow. Each stroke never seems to actually start or end…they just follow each other in a constant slow dance, sinking deeper and deeper into your body as you sink deeper and deeper into a state of blissful relaxation.  It is nurturing, lavish and soothing.

It took me years to develop the subtle skills and the sense of touch to actually do an entire relaxation massage that was truly relaxing, sedating, ethereal. To learn to resist the promptings from the client’s physical body and my clinical training to work harder and put the muscles into distress and instead to tune into the relaxation rhythms and needs of my clients and work with their nervous system and subconscious to affect their muscle tissue, their entire being, on a much deeper level.

My Ultimate Relaxation Massage is designed so that your relaxation is so complete that you surrender physically, mentally and emotionally, which allows your body to move beyond the limits that it would otherwise adhere to. Anticipation is replaced with acceptance. Muscle guarding is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated. My Ultimate Relaxation Massage has several profound effects on the neuromuscular system, decreasing muscle tension and spasm, increasing range of motion in the joints and breaking the neuro-physical and neuro-emotional patterns that we tend to hold on so tightly to.

The Work: I still utilize my Deep Lomi style of bodywork for the Ultra Relaxation Massage, although it is much slower than in my therapeutic sessions. The focus of my Deep Lomi is the complete body, not just the problem areas, and I spend a lot more time on the feet and neck.

The Environment: The room is very warm and comfortable with just the right amount of candle light; and I have one of the most comfortable massage tables you will ever experience.

Music: I have several different collections of music that are specifically designed to relax you and elicit a certain response that you can choose from.  You can also bring your own music or select from the many available Pandora and Spotify selections if you have something that especially relaxes you.

Aromatherapy: I use specific aromatic essential oils to enhance your Ultra Relaxation Massage experience. They are subtle but very enjoyable and you can request specific essential oils or scents that you enjoy.

Heat Compresses: I use several warm compresses throughout your Ultra Relaxation Massage to heighten your relaxation and improve your circulation.

After The Massage: I encourage you to relax for a while after your massage. I leave at least an hour between my appointments and you can have most of that to just lay there and breathe. I also have a private bathroom and shower for my clients in case you want to freshen up before returning to the world.

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Joe Lavin LMP, CPT
Cell: 206.817.5896