You can use the links below to leave me anonymous feedback about my massage and bodywork or about my continuing education courses. The reason that I provide this opportunity is that I find that it can be hard for current or past clients to give critical feedback to their massage practitioner or to an instructor (or really anyone for that matter). However, it really is the critical feedback that we often need the most.

In my case, I believe that providing a forum for this type of feedback has helped me become a better practitioner, teacher and human being! So if you have any advice, suggestions, feedback or off the wall ideas that you want to share with me regarding my massage or my continuing education courses that might not be appropriate in a public review you can email me directly or leave me completely anonymous feedback here.

Anonymous/Private Massage and Bodywork Feedback
To provide me feedback about my bodywork and massage, click here.

Anonymous/Private Classes and Workshop Feedback
To provide me feedback about my continuing education courses, click here.

Public Reviews
If you want to tell the world something about my massage or my courses, you can always leave me a review on Yelp, Facebook or Google+.

And, of course, you can always send me an email or give me a call.

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