ThumbbyI list the Thumbby Soft Massage Cone as Both a Massage Tool and as a Self Care Item. Just stick this baby on the wall and lean in to it and life is good. Really, really good!

Here is what says about the Thumbby: “We therapists at Massage Market are not ones to go wild over a product and show blatant favoritism, but we think the Thumbby is probably the most ingenious massage tool ever developed. Not only does it increase the pressure you can exert when performing massage, thereby saving your hands/thumbs, but it is AMAZING at self-care for therapists and clients alike. It sticks to the wall so you can use it to hit your own trigger points, you can sit on it to hit sciatica hot spots, you can safely cross fiber in tender tissue areas as the material is much softer than hard plastic or wood and it is much less likely to bruise the tissue, you can put it point-up on the floor and work your plantar surfaces for a terrific foot massage, you can heat it in hot water or in a moist heat heating pad (not the microwave!) and run it over the body like a hot stone, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! Easy to clean with soap and warm water or an anti-bacterial wipe.”

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