TigerTailandLegMy Thoughts: These are great for “rolling out” large muscle groups on yourself or on your partner. I would consider them industrial grade and only for the person that wants some pretty deep work. Remember though, just like the foam roller, you can over do things with this tool. If you are grimacing or contracting the muscle because it hurts too much, you are probably doing more harm then good.

From The Company: Muscle and therapist friendly! This easy-to-use self-massage tool features a foam cover that spins smoothly to deliver a consistent distribution of pressure and help accelerate muscle recovery. Saves fingers and hands from fatigue. Closed-cell, non-porous, zero latex, zero rubber, non-deteriorating foam is easy to clean with an antibacterial gel/spray. Take it anywhere – tiger tails are portable and easy-to-pack. Firm design won’t bend! Apply as little or as much pressure as needed.

18″ Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager