I am an ardent supporter of trading services for other services or goods. It benefits the service provider and the person trading for their service. In our economy it is hard for many people to fit massage into their budget, even if they know that they need it. Trading professional services is one way that many people can afford to get regular massage and that massage therapists can afford the services they receive in trade.

I like the barter networks/clubs like ITEX etc. as well. However, it feels like there is more value and community building in trading with your neighbors and local businesses. Also, these kind of trades are real time, based on mutual needs and abilities; which again feels more substantive to me overall (and there is nothing to join, no fees to pay).

Value for Value
I prefer to trade for actual value, meaning that I will give you $X dollars of therapeutic massage work for the same $X dollars of actual value of your goods or services. Published prices are usually a good way to determine the trade value if you are a business, otherwise we can just choose to agree on a specific dollar value of the good or service that you want to trade. The important thing is for both of us to feel like we got a good value in return for what we gave.

Long Term Trades
I am more than happy to enter into a contract for a specific number of massages, or hours of massage work in return for a good or service that is equally long term or has a considerably higher value than a couple of massage sessions.

What I Have to Trade
Massage Therapy as outlined here.
Massage Workshops for Couples or Individuals as outlined here.

What I Am Looking For
This is always changing so feel free to email or call me if you are interested in trading something. Keep in mind that I have a 12 year old  daughter and a wife that I like to surprise when I can. So be creative and give me a call. Here are some specific things I am looking for right now:

Photography and Video Equipment and Services
Voice or guitar lessons for my daughter
Yard service
Toys and Fun (Just cannot get enough of this 🙂

Joe Lavin
(206) 817-5896