This is a general disclaimer for all of my massage and bodywork demonstration and instruction videos, please read it thoroughly before viewing my videos and especially before attempting to perform any of the techniques demonstrated in them.

These videos are primarily made for the purpose of demonstrating and sharing techniques and concepts with professional massage therapists or with people who have been to one of my massage workshops and who thoroughly understand the risks associated with giving and receiving massage as well as the general contraindications of both. If the massage techniques demonstrated in these videos are performed incorrectly or by/on a person with certain medical conditions, physical injury could result. Please consult a professional massage therapist or other licensed healthcare provider to evaluate if it is safe for you to perform and/or receive the techniques demonstrated in any of my videos.

It is important to understand is that I practice (and film) licensed therapeutic massage, non-licensed holistic bodywork (which includes workshops, lessons and sessions for non licensed individuals and couples) and several forms of touch and movement therapy. So I make some of my videos specifically for licensed massage therapists which include techniques that are intended to be used by licensed massage therapists for educational purposes only and adapted to the local standards/regulations that govern their massage practice. Some of my other videos are intended to be viewed by individuals or couples who are interested in incorporating more touch and massage into their personal lives, these videos include techniques that would not be appropriate for some therapist’s licensed massage practice

These videos are intended to provide general educational information and are not intended to constitute medical advice in any way whatsoever. The content is not complete and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date. These videos and their content are not intended to create any type of professional or health care related relationship between you and Joe Lavin or anyone in the video. It is important to understand that the information contained in these videos is not intended as a substitute for consulting with an experienced and certified massage therapist and receiving services and/or advice based on the unique facts, health and situation of you as a particular individual.

Safety Considerations/Contraindications
The clients or models in these videos are all in very good health, with no massage related contraindications that apply to  the techniques being demonstrated. They have completed a full client intake form with Joe Lavin, LMP, CEIM, CPT, who has determined that the techniques performed are safe for these particular people. These techniques may not be safe to be performed on everybody, or even by everybody, so it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice before attempting to give or receive any of these techniques if you are not a trained and licensed massage therapist.

The expectations, norms and regulations in regards for draping/body covering (especially in regards to licensed massage therapists) differ based on many things including the city, state and/or country you are practicing, the environment or individual business that you are practicing in, the style of massage you are practicing, who you are working with and many more factors. Two of the most important considerations in selecting the draping that you are going to use is the personal comfort and modesty of both the giver and receiver of the bodywork. Some of my videos are with completely draped clients and others are with clients that are less modestly draped. In each situation/video, the draping is a personal choice between myself and the subjects in the video. It is not an indication of how a client should be draped or even can be draped in your personal situation.

Copyright Information
All of these videos are subject to copyright and the copyrights are owned by Joe Lavin. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of these videos is expressly prohibited, unless Joe Lavin has explicitly granted prior written consent. All other rights reserved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for watching my videos.