I teach massage to both professional massage therapists and to anyone else that wants to learn how to give a truly wonderful massage. This includes individuals and couples in both workshop and private settings. If you are a licensed massage therapist looking for accredited continuing education hours click here. To see all of my currently scheduled workshops, classes and continuing education courses, click here. For everyone else here are some of my most popular workshops that anyone can attend:

Here are some of my most popular workshops that you can attend whether you are a massage professional or not:

Couple’s Massage Workshops
By far my most popular workshop that I teach is my Couple’s Massage Workshop. It is a wonderful time of learning, touch and exploration. I help couples and friends learn how to slow down and really show their appreciation for each other through the power of touch and massage. Check out my Couple’s Massage Workshop  Website to learn  more about how to give and receive an exceptional massage anytime that you want one.

Interactive Couples Massage
I show you how to give a great Ultra Relaxation or Nurturing Touch Massage on your partner (who is in complete bliss because they are getting a great Four-Handed Massage from the two of us). Then you switch places and it is your turn to be indulged while I show your partner how to give you an incredible Ultra Relaxation or Nurturing Touch Massage. (or vice versa or and/or…..).

Individual Massage Workshops
I offer individual massage workshops for the person that wants to learn how to give a great massage or develop their sense of touch and possibly surprise someone in their life with their newly developed skills and understanding. Sometimes people get all they need in one session and sometimes they come back for a couple of sessions to solidify and expand their new skills.

I recommend having someone that you can work on while I guide you through some great massage techniques. You can bring a friend with you to massage during the session or I can provide you someone to massage (sometimes there is an additional $25 an hour charge for this). Usually a massage school student, a client or an Alumni of one of my workshops so they can give you good feedback during your workshop.

Thai Stretching or Partner Stretching Workshops – $75/Hour
One of the best things that you can incorporate in to your life is relaxing and passive stretching and this is what is at the heart of Thai Massage (at least neuro-mechanically). Let me show you and your friends how to perform the most practical and effective stretches and techniques used in Thai Yoga Massage on each other.

You will learn how to give each other (or anyone for that matter) a thoroughly relaxing and refreshing Thai Stretching experience anywhere including deep hip openers, leg and arm stretches, back bends, and soothing but still challenging shoulder and neck techniques. No previous massage experience is necessary, just the ability to sit down on the floor and get back up again. You will remain fully clothed during the workshop (make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing) and no oils or lotions are used.

The price is for the entire group so get a bunch of your friends, co workers or team members together and split the cost :-). I can come to your location or you can come to mine.

More Information and Other Workshops
If you have a question about these workshops or have a great idea for your won workshop, give me a call or email me to talk more about it.

Joe Lavin LMP, CPT, CEIM
Cell: (206) 817-5896
Email: Joe@TouchFactorMassage.com