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New for 2021: Joe's Musings on Bodywork, Massage and life...

I have been writing and journaling off and on about my massage and bodywork thoughts and experiences for years. I thought that now would be a good time to start sharing them with the world...or at least a few clients and therapists! Reasons, Disclaimers and Inspiration

PS - Obfuscation: All of my writings about people or situations are changed enough to protect anyone's identity that might be in them unless someone is actually named. All of my writings include at least one thing that is not true, exaggerated or otherwise can not be relied upon to create a factual statement of any action or event. All of my writings about anyone specific are shared only with their specific consent. If you ever read something that you feel is about you and I have not talked to you about sharing it - it is most likely not specifically about you - but please contact me so that I can clarify anything that needs to be clarified.

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