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training in Your Area

I would love to come lead some classes in your area.  The easiest way f0or me to do that  

Contracted Teaching Engagements
A contracted teaching engagement is when I or one of my teachers when the teacher is just responsible to show up and teach.   showing up and teaching and you are providing all the marketing, sales, facilities, equipment and student support.



Cooperative Teaching Engagements
This is an engagement where one or more therapists organize and host a training event for several different therapists or business owners in their local area. The organizer usually gets the training for free and a percentage of profits if appropriate (most of the time the cooperative idea is to make the training more affordable, not necessarily for profit),


The local organizer(s) have to arrange and pay for the training space. Make sure that the equipment needed is on hand and 


We can use my booking platform for registering or you can use your own . 


are the general terms for my in-practice and privately sponsored continuing education courses. I am available to teach any of my continuing education courses for your private practice or privately sponsored event on an hourly basis provided that you handle all of the registration and scheduling details, provide the training room, equipment and basic supplies. The classes can be customized to meet the individual needs of your practice or event and each therapist that attends will earn the associated continuing education credits. 

I can do one time trainings or interval trainings (i.e quarterly or semi-annual) where I add techniques and monitor your therapists progress in mastering them. I also have a great team of hand selected therapists/teachers with complementary but very unique skills that I can stack your training schedule with.

I charge a flat rate of $100 an hour for my in-practice continuing education courses with up to 10 practitioners. If you have more than 10 practitioners, I like to bring an additional instructor to assist with the class for every additional 10 participants in order to make sure that everyone gets a good amount of hands-on, personal instruction. I charge an additional $50 an hour for each additional instructor that is needed. 

I do not charge any travel fees for locations within 30 minutes of downtown Seattle. After that there is an additional $50 for each hour of round trip travel time for local/regional engagements. For travel that requires overnight lodging or air travel I normally ask that you cover those costs. 


Facility, Materials and Supplies
Since these trainings are primarily done in clinics, it is your responsibility to make sure that the facility is adequate for the training and that it has the proper equipment (i.e tables, etc). It is also your responsibility to make sure that the you have the materials and supplies (sheets, lotion, etc,) needed or that the participants bring them. I will give you a list of my suggestions for the specific classes or topics that I am teaching for you. 


What I Provide
I will provide all of the training materials, workbooks, evaluation forms and certificates of completion. I will provide a brochure if needed and access to my website for more information. I will provide the live instruction and follow up information as well.


Please contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule a class.


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Certified Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy Practitioner® 
Cell: (206) 817-5896