Covid Considerations

Here Is What We Are Doing To Keep You, Ourselves and 

Our Communities Safe During These Unsettling Times

We want to make your massage experience as relaxing and safe as possible. So we are taking, at least, the following precautions. 


All of our full-time therapists have been vaccinated and we fully support getting vaccinated in order to help stop the spread of the Covid 19. 

Weekly Testing
Several members of our staff were getting tested every month as long as there was capacity in the health care system to do so. We are not getting tested as much now due to the fact that most of us have been vaccinated. 

We will be wearing masks for your entire visit and we are also asking our clients to wear a mask as well.

Taking Temperatures
We will be taking your temperature at the door with a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature is higher than 100.4 we will not be allowed to give you a massage

Smell Test

Since one of the first things affected by Covid is your sense of smell, we will have a couple of common scented essential oils for you to smell. Yes, you can do this through your mask.  


We have enhanced our cleaning methods and increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our practice. We are making sure that our entire practice is disinfected at the end of the business day as well as between each and every appointment (specific areas and equipment used as well as all high-touch points), with disinfectant listed on the CDC’s list that eliminates coronavirus. We also have hand sanitizer available in each treatment room and in the common areas of our practice. If you want to use your favorite hand sanitizer, or soap you are welcome to bring it for your personal use.

HEPA Air Purifiers

We have installed True HEPA Air Purifiers in all of our treatment rooms that can change the air in each treatment room five times per hour.

Pre-Massage Questions

We will also be asking you some additional questions when you arrive at our practice. Some of these questions are below but could change as we learn more about Covid.


  • Do you or any of your close personal contacts have Covid 19 or any Covid 19 symptoms?

  • Have you or any of your close personal contacts traveled to any Covid 19 hot spots in the last three weeks?

  • Have you or any of your close personal contacts visited a nursing home in the last three weeks?

  • Have you or any of your close personal contacts engaged in any activities with more than 25 people in the last three weeks?

  • Are you in a high risk group and/or have any underlying health conditions or immune system issues that could make you more likely to develop serious complications if you caught the virus?

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