Wait For it...

This page is mostly intended to let my clients and students know what I am up to and why. There will be a lot of changes over the next 18 months (from June, 2020) and I want to make sure that you all understand what the changes are about and where I am headed with them.  

Most of you know how passionate I am about massage and bodywork; mine, my students and the industry as a whole. How I obsess over my client's experience and my need to be fully self expressed in my work. How I look for not only balance, but seamless integration between my ability to be nurturing and therapeutically effective at the same time...and how I am always looking for therapists who are wired in a similar way. Therapists I can learn from and therapists I can mentor and encourage. 

These are some of the motivations that inspire my aspirations and what I want to achieve in regards to my massage and bodywork. Aspirations that I want to be able to turn into attainable and well-reasoned projects that I can complete and some day leave as a gift to those who would accept them. Unfortunately, I feel I may never get past the dreaming stage unless I take some major steps to put myself in a place where I can realistically say that my dreams, my goals, are achievable and I can pursue them properly.


So I am taking those steps now, June of 2020, and over the next 18 months in order to create the best platform and infrastructure that I can to pursue these dreams. I am creating a new company within the massage industry that I will explain more in September and I am working on a new style of bodywork that I will unveil in Januray of 2022. I will also be unveiling a completely reimagined, Massage Reimagined practice and massage school in 2022 and then my idea of the ultimate community based, touch-focused learning & retreat center in 2023. 

However, these steps are not easy at all for me. They will require me to pull back from working on the table, which I live so much; and focus on things that are not nearly as important to me as my massage and bodywork. Not nearly as fulfilling, rewarding or self-sustaining in a holistic sense. I am going to specialize again in some of the things that I left in order to pursue massage, however this time they have a much higher purpose. 

Why am I telling you this? For starters, I do not want you to think I am abandoning my service to you. I am doing this to serve you better and to be more fully self expressed in that service. The other reason is for accountability, both for the short term project and to the long term dreams.  So feel free to hold me accountable anytime that you feel the need, especially in regards to the two things that I worry could derail me:

1) That I will not be able to sustain the level of enthusiasm and interest in the short term projects because I will be diverting so much time and energy away from my bodywork. 

2) That I might get lost somewhere on this journey, get caught up in it, and not find my way back to what I truly love.  

Feel free to reach out and encourage me or hold me accountable whenever you feel it is needed!

Joe Lavin

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