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The Joy Is In the Journey
but so is the pain
And it so worth it!

I am want to be do some different work for the next several months. Slower, more contemplative, more curious, more intuitive and more deeply connected work. In addition I would like to work blindfolded, actually or as if, whenever possible. There are so many reasons and a very winding path that brought me to this decision. However, in order to not drown you in minutia, I am going to tell you about the session that I had this morning which brought me to this decision.

I want to try and say this without sounding too vain or over confident. There are a thousand things that I am bad at, really bad at. Touch is just not one of them, specifically intuitive touch. However, as good as I feel that I am with my touch and massage, I had a reason and an opportunity this morning to dramatically change how I orient my touch on and around one of my regular clients.


The structure of the opportunity was to simply wear a blindfold during a massage session with a client I have seen regularly for over five years. Initially, it was more of an exercise for my self-care and since I already do most of my work with my eyes closed, I was not expecting to have a transformational epiphany like this. 

I did one massage completely blindfolded, with no visual queuing whatsoever, and I felt things that I have never consciously noticed before with this client. I worked slower, much slower, which is only surprising because I thought I was working very slow already. I relied more on my intention and intuition than on the physicality of my work and I was able to create spaces and opportunities in my client's body that I had not been able to before. They were able to experience significant results from the session. 

So I am hooked, I want to see how much my touch and intuition might change if I worked without any visual queuing whatsoever for as many of my sessions as possible for the next several months. I also want to see how my awareness of my body and how I use it changes at the same time. All this so ultimately my clients will continue to receive the best possible massage experience that I can provide. 

If you would like to join me on my journey into this space, please let me know when you come in. 


For those of you who might not want to go down this rabbit hole with me, I have some wonderful therapists working with me now and I am training and bringing on even more. I am also opening up a beautiful new spa location in the Ballard/Fremont area in August, so stay tuned.

Joe Lavin