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Massage As Art

I have experienced and witnessed some of the most beautiful moments imaginable during some massage and bodywork sessions I have given, received or have been fortunate enough to be able to watch. Most of these moments are not planned, private and will never occur in the exact same way again...which makes them even more beautiful and profound. 

One of the things that I want to do is to show people how beautiful, profound and evocative massage and bodywork can be. I am working on a couple of art projects to this end that include pictures and videos of some of these beautiful moments. One of the projects is a Massage Around The World wall mural in my school. If you would like send me a picture for the mural or for any of my other projects please send it to me at Please include any details and/or credits that you want me to print or post with the pictures. 

In the meantime you can enjoy some beautiful massage and bodywork moments that I have captured myself or found online. I am including the picture source and amplifying information when I can find it. If you see any pictures that need more information please let me know.