New Client Information

Thank you very much for making your first appointment with me. The information below will help you not only know what to expect but also how to get the most out of your session. 

​Appointment Time
You do not need to arrive early, I arrange my appointments so there is extra time at the end in case we need more time for your intake before the massage or anything like that. So, just plan on arriving on time for your session. Also, I leave time in between my sessions so you will not need to jump up off the massage table after your appointment. 


My massage practice is in a very quiet and comfortable part of my personal residence and includes a separate bathroom for clients in case you want to freshen up or shower before or after your massage. My address (in Magnolia) is: 3623 34th, Ave West, Seattle 98199. There is plenty of street parking in front of house.

Intake Form

If you are coming in for a therapeutic massage appointment you can download this form and fill it out before your appointment. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or special preferences (lemon or ice in your water, room warmth, music, style of massage, etc.). If you have not looked at the different types of massage available to you on my website, you might want to take a look before your massage to make sure that you get the best massage experience possible. 

I am attaching my client intake form in case you want to fill it out before you arrive. If not, no problem, I will have a copy here for you as well.

3623 34th Ave West, Seattle, WA 98199


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