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meet my Amazing Team!

Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to get on my schedule right now. However, I am always looking for talented massage therapists to mentor and to join our team or just visit for a while. Here are the very special massage therapists that our working with me at my Magnolia practice right now:  

About Keighli

Keighli is taking a short sabbatical and will be back soon.

You can contact her directly at 

Keighli is a very intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist. She pays careful attention to how her client's physical body, emotions, and energy respond to her touch to create an environment that allows for easy relaxation and an opportunity for healing. She strives to help you discover how a massage can be an ongoing healing experience long after you leave the massage room.

She is also a Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner® and she is also starting to incorporate more breath work into her massage sessions and looking forward to offering breath work classes soon. 

Licenses & Certifications: Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner®

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About Shawna

Shawna is a truly wonderful massage therapist with over 10 years experience. She has been training with my therapists for the last several years and I am thankful that we have finally gotten her to come work with us, even if it is only one day a week right now. 

Shawna’s touch is nurturing and intuitive. She enjoys combining myofascial release techniques of Sarga bodywork with stretching long flowing strokes that she has developed working at a high end destination spa for several years. 

Licenses and Certifications: Shawna is a Licensed Massage Therapist and she is certified in Ashiatsu, Table Thai massage, and currently working towards certification in Sarga bodywork.

About Angela

Angela completed the extended program at the highly regarded Breneke Cortiva School of Massage in 2008. She maintained a part time private practice while working in the Arts as a registrar and philanthropy coordinator until 2016 when she shifted to a full time focus in Massage Therapy.


She has completed training in Craniosacral Therapy, a practice focused on the nervous system and guided by acute awareness of a body’s subtle cues. Additional trainings in deep muscular neck work, neurofascial approach, and lomi lomi augment a massage founded in rich deep swedish techniques that all come together to characterize her unique approach to bodywork.

Licenses & Certifications: Angela is a Licensed Massage Therapist and she prefers to rely on the quality of her work instead of listing additional credentials. 

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About Thandi

Thandi has a uniquely intuitive flow that is very fluid and comforting. She is equally adept with deep tissue work or light touch and can seamlessly incorporate both into your session. She is only here on Sundays, other days you can find her on stage around town. 

Licenses and Certifications: Thandi is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Thai Yoga/bodywork Practitioner. 

About Ian

Ian is a student in the art of massage. Specifically the interplay between deep technical work and creating space for deep relaxation. He began his pursuit of a massage career after discovering how healing bodywork can be as a result of an injury he sustained  in the military. 

He wants his clients to know their healing is a rewarding journey and to invite them to remember what it's like to feel great in their bodies. He targets focus areas and integrates them with long, luxurious Deep Lomi strokes and Thai Massage stretches.


Licenses & Certifications: Ian is a Licensed Massage Therapist and he is studying to become a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach through the NASM and hopes to offer an even more comprehensive approach to elite wellness to his clientele very soon.

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About MAndy

Mandy graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2003 where she specialized in structural integration, cranial sacral therapy, and eastern paradigms. Mandy strives to create a sacred space where her clients can give themselves permission to fully relax, heal and to reconnect with their bodies. Mandy believes that our bodies are capable and amazing, that pain issues can and will get better with time and self-trust, and that health and functionality are possibilities for most all of us. Lastly, Mandy practices trauma-informed bodywork because she is acutely aware of, and interested in, the trauma that we all carry in our bodies to some extent.

Licenses and Certifications: Mandy is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master

About the rest of Our Amazing team...

I have opened up a second practice in Fremont with some incredible therapists just 5 miles from my Magnolia space. I want to challenge everything we think we know about what massage is and what massage can be. I hand-picked some of the most amazing, creative, and inspiring massage therapists that I have taught or worked with in the last 10 years and created a space where they can be truly creative and do their best work without the limitations of suffocating corporate structures or bland assembly line approaches that are dominating our industry.

If you are used to my work, you will recognize a lot of it in the massages that you receive at Massage Reimagined but each of the therapists there have their own styles, techniques, and philosophies, so you will receive something both familiar and different every time you come in!

About You...

You are the most important part of your massage experience. We create every massage specifically for you and your state of being on the day of your massage. This means that each session can be very different. To this end, it is important that we know as much about you, your body, and your physical goals as possible. To that end we have a pretty comprehensive intake form that we ask you to complete to make sure that you get the best massage experience possible every time you come in!

Our Therapeutic Massage Intake Form