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Pricing for Massage & Bodywork

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We try to keep our rates low for the quality of bodywork and the environment we provide. We also try to keep them flexible so life does not get in the way of a good massage. To that end, we gladly accept gratuities from those who feel it is appropriate and can afford them but they are not necessary. We also gladly discount our rates (as often as reasonably possible) for those who need the work, but genuinely can’t afford it (because we have been there as well).

Individual Massage Sessions (One Client With One Therapist)

We charge an hourly rate of $100 to $125 per hour for Massage & Bodywork depending on the length of your session. You can see the breakdowns below: 

$125 for a 1-Hour Appointment

$175 for a 90-Minute Appointment

$225 for a 2-Hour Appointment

$325 for a 3-Hour Appointment

Couples Massages and Four-Handed Massages (One or Two Clients with Two Therapists)

The rates below are for all of our sessions that require two therapists such as Couples Massages and Four Handed Sessions.  They range from $92 to $125 per hour/per therapist depending on the length of your session.  You can see the breakdowns below: 

$250 for a 1 Hour Appointment

$325 for a 90 Minute Appointment

$400 for a 2 Hour Appointment

Mobile Massage, Bodywork and instruction

We are available for Massage, Bodywork and Private Instruction at your location at the same rates listed above plus a travel fee depending on your location. The travel fee is usually $100 for the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area and Downtown Bellevue or Kirkland - but could be more or less depending on your location and parking costs. Please call, text or email for more information.

Medical Massage, Auto Accident Injuries (PIP Claims)

We do not accept health insurance. We do accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP, car accident accident coverage) clients with an active case and a medical referral or prescription from your doctor, chiropractor or other qualified medical professional. The referral or prescription should include diagnostic codes and the number of visits requested. Our billing rate for these services is $37.50 per 15 minute increment or $150 per Hour.

Pricing For Continuing Education and Workshops.

For more specific pricing information, go to the description of the class or workshop you are interested in.

Private Instruction and Workshops - $125 per HOur

Joe is a nationally certified massage continuing education provider. This means that any continuing education class that you attend of Joe's will give you the hours/credits that you need to maintain your massage license. He also teaches a lot of other workshops on many different types of touch, communication, life coaching and movement therapies. Joe's private workshops are usually $125 per hour at one of our locations and a little bit more if Joe is coming to your location  

Couple's Massage Workshops

The cost for Joe's 3-Hour Small Group Couple's Massage Workshop is $250. The cost for a Private Couple's Massage Workshop is $250 for 2-hours and $350 for 3-hours. You can book a private Couple's Massage Workshop right here or go to my Power of Touch Workshops website to register for one of my small group Couple's Massage Workshops or to learn more. 

Continuing Education

I keep my class pricing as affordable as possible. Usually my 4-hour in-person courses are $75 and my 8-hour courses are $150. That is around $18.75 per CE hour. However, if you want to attend one of my classes but cannot afford it, please let me know and I will find a way to get you in that works for both of us (payments, discounted price, massage trade or whatever it takes) because your career and personal growth are too important to let a price-tag get in the way. I also have Pay What You Can Options on most of my classes. More information on my CE Classes...

Professional Consultations and In-Service Trainings

I offer professional business and massage consultations as well as NCBTMB approved in-service trainings for spas, clinics and private practices. My standard rate for these services is $150 per hour plus a travel fee if you are outside of the Seattle Metro area. Please contact me for more information about these services.