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Body Rolling

Picture from Kalijo Pilates

I love body rolling and think it is far superior to the many popular “foam rolling” strategies that I see a lot of people utilizing. My basic premise is that using different sized balls with different densities to strategically roll on, under and around your unique, 3-dimensional body will allow you to apply just the right amount of pressure in the specific places that you need it as well as helping you do some amazing stretches. Plus you can take your body rolling equipment with you wherever you go. If you are a proverbial road warrior, just deflate to miniature soccer balls, pack a small air pump and throw them in your carry on!

Here is one super quick solution and two more involved but very credible Body Rolling systems/strategies:

Super Quick Solution: Get a Size 3 Ball and this very cute Size 1 Ball or this Mini Ball (should be about a size 1). Inflate them to about 80% for starting, drop them on the floor and start rolling your body all over them!

The Roll Model: Jill Miller has an extremely comprehensive book on body rolling, The Roll Model. You can learn more about it on her website, buy it on Amazon or check it out from the Seattle Public Library or your local library. You do not need to buy specialized, patented balls for this. Just start paying attention and you will see prospective body rolling balls everywhere.

Yamuna Body Rolling: Yamuna, has turned body rolling into a functional and intentional practice. You can learn more about their philosophy and the balls they use on their website. In addition, here is an article written in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science: The Theory and Technique of Yamuna Body Rolling. It is a little bit technical, but thorough. They are very proud of their practice and do all that they can to keep it proprietary and accordingly, somewhat expensive. So if you are on a budget, just be creative.

My Improvised Travel Kit: If you travel a lot, this is a great way to take something very small with you and get some big self care results. A small manual pump and a one or two high quality inflatable balls like