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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 8

It is 2021 and it is time for me to start sharing more of my thoughts about massage, bodywork and life with anyone who is interested. I do a lot of writing to process my thoughts about touch as well as my massage and bodywork experiences. Most of the time these writings end up living only in my journal or on my computer and I would like to give them a little more life, see how they blossom...or wither.

I have been thinking about this for a while but have been especially motivated recently by some very special responses and encouragements from some of clients that I have shared a writing with, from my mother who, at 76, has recently poured herself into her artistic expression in the painting and a short response to a post of mine by a good friend that I have not seen in ages but still knows me well. Thank you all.

My friend Suzanne said this to me, "It isn’t that YOU need to find your people, but your people need you to find THEM"

...and this blog is my immediate response to that encouragement. I will reflect on the specifics of that statement later, but for now, if your looking, here I am.

Some thoughts, disclaimers and clarifications on my writings.

Massage and/or Bodywork Writings All of my writings about any type of bodywork session are about my bodywork and not about my licensed therapeutic massage practice unless otherwise specifically stated.

Paradoxes and Incomplete Thoughts

To enjoy or understand my writings you need to understand that I embrace the paradoxes of life and often play with several positions that might seem contradictory at the same time. This is part of my process. Also, I am not completely focused on resolving things or even understanding them completely (as if I could :-) through my writings. So most of the time you will have to do your own processing if you want to really get into anything here.