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Some Questions Lead to Beautiful Answers....

Updated: Jan 9

My client asked me how I would describe our Primal Unwinding session and I replied, "Like a celestial dance." Later, I unpacked that a bit more....

I would describe

our unwinding

as a celestial dance.

Where I



coming in



deeper work



I would

move away

creating space

As if you were

a fixed object

the constant

and I was

an orbiting star

destined to follow

my preordained

gravitational orbit

around your


somehow knowing


how the

forces of

inertia and gravity

have to be

perfectly balanced

for an orbit to happen

a continuous



two objects

two beings

one needing to

move away

so the other one

can move closer

and in between

a breath

then the roles


in order

to maintain

the balance

the tension

But now I am


with my

poetic analogy

not because

it is incorrect

or inappropriate


because I realize

that the moments

I crave the most

are the brief seconds

in between

when we are

changing roles

when we are

most connected

most equal

our energies

joining and relaxing

becoming as one

Just before

we are propelled

once again

into our

separate orbits

To continue

the dance

we started…

For those that are interested or concerned, most of my Prinal Unwinding sessions are not part of my licensed massage practice so I am not limited to the same therapeutic relationship guidelines as well as the professional, emotional and social boundaries that I am in my massage practice. Although I understand their purpose and may choose to use them with some clients. There are other boundaries that apply to both my bodywork and massage that are important power differential, transference

*Picture from the book cover of Dance of the Ancient One