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Unbecoming: A Recent Client Experience/Connection

I absolutely love it when a bodywork session transforms into something unexpected and wonderful. These are some highlights of correspondence between me and a recent client of mine after our first session. Everything is shared with permission and you can see more of Tanith's paintings here.

Client: Wow. It’s hard to explain how beautiful and unexpected our session was for me. You have a gift, and thank you so much for making time for me today with not much notice. I was very nervous, though excited, as I didn’t know what to expect. Your skill is truly astounding and masterful. I’m in awe of how you allowed me to let go and guide me into some really fantastic places with no judgement and freedom to express myself. I never felt so free to be my imperfect self, and to trust someone so quickly and naturally.

You gave me a gift. I want to thank you for that. I felt my heart open for me and for you - as the one to allow me to receive and release these emotions. I’m curious, as someone who this is your profession, what did you make of my session? I was pleasantly surprised that it was so emotional, though it makes sense for me as I tend to hold a lot of emotions inside. But I’m curious if you happen to have any insights?

Me: I thought your session was wonderful, especially for your first time with me. I definitely sensed a point where you (your nervous system) really let go. I felt like you went from trying to interpret the work cognitively, your body wanting to control its responses, needing to understand before giving in to the work we were a much freer place where you "decided" to flow with the work and allow yourself to experience what was happening on a deeper, less process oriented level. I do not usually "fly" clients in their first session but I was so happy that you agreed to let me be more creative and take you a little more into the unknown and unexpected. I felt a sense of joy and youthful abandon from you while you were up in the air as well as trust.

As for the emotions, I hear what you are saying there. I hope that you know that you can freely and fully express any emotions that come up for you on my table. However, I am not in the best position to give you insights or advice on where they are coming from. I tend to just embrace them and trust that you will be open to exploring where they are coming from or what they are telling you. However, I am always open to listening to you and helping you process things that come up.

I tend to process through writing and I wrote this to process my part of our experience together. I do not know if it will be fully relevant to you because I wrote it to process my thoughts, but I think you might find something useful for yourself in here....

Maybe it isn’t


fixing you

(as if I could)

or healing you

(as if you are broken)

or helping you become something

(as if what you are now is not worth celebrating)

Maybe it is


letting you


maybe it's about

letting you

fall apart

and not

trying to

(needing to)

put you

back together

Maybe it isn’t about

anything at all

so that it can be


that you need it

to be

Client: I’ve been thinking about the “Unbecoming” words you shared with me. They are so powerful and healing. As an artist, I express myself through art, and your words had such a profound effect on me that I had to use them in some way.

I hope you do not mind that I have borrowed your words. They mean so much to me. I make oil paintings inspired by Iceland, since Iceland was such a healing place for me that it made sense to combine your beautiful words within that landscape. What I love about these paintings are that the words are legible but not easily so and it takes effort to read them ... you have to get up close.

These paintings are special to me, and I wanted to share them with you. Thank you so much for everything.